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Philosophy and Religion facultty members Senior Lecturer Robert Smid and Professor Leslie Muray
July 27, 2017


Academics | Faculty Accomplishments

Philosophy and Religion Senior Lecturer Robert Smid and Professor Leslie Muray recently presented papers at the "11th International Whitehead Conference: Nature in Process," at the University of the Azores on São Miguel Island, Portugal.

Smid delivered his paper "Whitehead and the Possibility of Transpersonalistic Knowledge: The Location of Both Knowers and Things Known," and Professor Muray presented "Personalistic Organicism" via Skype. 

Both Smid and Muray also presented at the "Antiblackness, Race, and Philosophy" conference hosted by The Institute for American Religious and Philosophic Thought (IARPT) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Those papers are titled "Spanning the Full Spectrum: How Peircean Thirds Work at the Most Basic Levels of Knowledge" and "Up from Racism: How 'Outer' History Becomes 'Inner' History," respectively.