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Karen Lischinsky and Allison Williams
December 21, 2018


Academics | Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Karen Lischinsky, Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Curry College and director of the Transformational Prison Project, recently released a video with actress and advocate Allison Williams to raise awareness about the project, which provides spaces where survivors of violent crimes and those who have committed them can engage in dialogue to build understanding and empathy in order to move toward healing.

"The Transformational Prison Project is designed to work with the incarcerated and survivors of violent crimes to bring the principals and practices of restorative justice to prisons in Massachusetts and beyond," said Dr. Lischinsky. "Founded on making possible courageous conversations that have the power to be transformative and connecting for survivors, those who are subject to incarceration, and society as a whole, restorative justice centers the voice of those who have been harmed, while supporting those who are willing to take responsibility for the harm they have caused."

View a segment from the video to learn more...