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Meet Gabby Dominguez '18, Business Major

Gabby Dominguez (CE Business Management) ‘17









I used the lessons Ive learned at Curry every day in all applications. You know, a lot of the stuff you dont see. Not so much behind the grill, but social media, marketing. I use it every single day.




You really get to know your classmates and you can really communicate well and get involved. They do a lot of group projects which is great. In the real world youre not on your own its not multiple choice, you know, you need to rely on your teammates, you need to rely on other people. Curry really had that down where you get to know people, youve got to interact and manage.




It was all new to me, it really was. A lot of the professors have experiences owning businesses. Carl Kern, I mustve brought him a big stack of papers like, ‘How do I balance these?’ He was wonderful.




Im so glad I went back. I almost didnt, you know, I needed a good push and my older sister really push me to go back, take that first step and Im so glad I did because graduating was very rewarding.




The two years went by really fast. I owe a lot of it to Curry, it was just wonderful all around.





Curry College part of restaurant’s recipe for success

Gabby Dominguez (CE Business Management) '18 says that if she can open a restaurant while earning her bachelor’s degree, anyone can go back to school.

“From accounting, to HR, my Curry professors helped me start my business. I could come to them with any challenge. They were always ready to help.”

With a scratch-kitchen philosophy, Gabby serves up homemade baked goods, breakfast and lunch favorites daily from 6:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. She prides herself on sourcing fresh, local ingredients, and offers a creative twist on the classics, including granola French toast and ricotta pancakes. Stop in early enough and, you’ll also find free-range eggs for sale, fresh from Gabby’s chicken farm.

Celebrating Local Yolk’s second anniversary in June 2018, Gabby often uses the lessons she learned at Curry College’s Plymouth campus, located around the corner from her Water Street restaurant.

“I loved the program. I cannot speak highly enough of Curry. I recommend it to everyone – to my customers, and my employees.”