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Students in class smiling while pursuing a Curry College MBA Degree

Team-Based Learning and Benefits

Benefit from our team-based learning model that emulates typical workplace scenarios. You'll join a cohort of like-minded working professionals who bring business and management experience into the classroom environment - and will remain together for the entire 24 months of our  program. You'll gain and offer mutual support as you develop a valuable network of diverse professional colleagues.

Eight-week sessions, hybrid format

Sharpen your strengths in strategic planning, decision making, problem solving and reflective thinking. Over six semesters, you'll focus on one course at a time completing it in eight weeks, including a final Capstone consulting project with a regional partner firm. Courses are delivered in a hybrid format, blending face-to-face learning with online instruction accessed through the Blackboard e-learning system.

MBA Program Information

Graduate Programs in Business - Virtual Session

Our virtual presentations take an in-depth look at Graduate Programs in Business Education at Curry College. These programs include:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)
  • Health Care Management - Graduate Certificate
  • 5th Year MBA (available to Curry's Rising Seniors)

You will learn more about the expertise of faculty, and you will hear how our alumni have utilized their degrees to become leaders in their respective fields.

Monday, June 22 @ 4:00 p.m. - Register

The MBA program operates on three semesters per year (Fall, Spring, Summer) and students take two 8-week courses during each 16-week semester. The schedule is designed so that you will focus on only one course at a time:

First Semester

MBA 6000

Human Resource Management for Competitive Advantage

MBA 6010

Business Law and Corporate Governance

Second Semester

MBA 6400

Management of Information Technology                              

MBA 6300 

Strategic Managerial Economics

Third Semester

MBA 6200

Managerial Accounting

MBA 6210

Strategic Financial Management                            

Fourth Semester

MBA 6320

International Business                                      

MBA 6410

Strategic Marketing

Fifth Semester

MBA 6500

The Strategic Process and Planning

MBA 6510

Supply Chain Management and Operations Analysis

Sixth Semester

MBA 7600

Strategic Consulting Project: Capstone Foundation    

MBA 7610

Strategic Consulting Project: Capstone Recommendations

What is Cohort Study?

As a student in the Curry College MBA Program, you will be part of a cohort group. That means that the same students will be in all of your classes for the entire program, start to finish. Cohort group learning has proven to be very effective for adult learners because it creates a community of professionals who can study together, provide support, discuss common on-the-job problems, and offer networking opportunities.

Get started toward your MBA in the Summer or Fall.  New cohorts begin in May and September.

Summer 2020 Schedule

Classes are held during the summer months are fully online then meet at the Milton Campus during the fall and spring semesters in a hybrid format combining in-person discussions and online activities.

View the detailed schedule

Fall 2020 Schedule

Classes are delivered in a hybrid format - a blend of in-person discussions and online activities.  New cohorts will begin at our Milton and Plymouth campuses.

View the detailed schedule

Are you a Curry College alumnus/a?  Alumni pricing is available for those who qualify.  Please contact the Office of Continuing and Graduate Studies to learn more.

Course Descriptions

A PDF file of the course descriptions can be downloaded below:


  • Leadership and Ethics - The qualities of strong leadership in our constantly changing world are far more complex than they were just a decade ago. The Curry College MBA Program is built on a definition of leadership that encompasses more than the basic textbook philosophies of leadership that and management. This theme teaches the fundamentals and requisite skill sets of effective leadership in a global environment and does so within an over-arching framework of social responsibility.

  • Strategic Planning - Visionary leaders see the big picture, the end-results, well before they implement a business plan. They know how to communicate and structure their ideas into logical steps that utilize their resources, respect social and cultural boundaries, and establish best practices with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. The goal of this themes is to teach students how to think strategically in a global environment - how to recognize opportunity, how to establish what needs to be done, how to determine who needs to be involved, how to manage effectively, and how to honor cultural differences.

  • Decision Making Tools - Although technology has opened up world-wide business possibilities, the fact that it is constantly changing often forces global managers to make decisions based on uncertainty. Therefore, to reduce the risk of failure, it is essential, particularly in a global marketplace, to have a well-rounded understanding and knowledge of all elements involved. This theme examines decision-making tools in the context of e-commerce, customer service, and global business issues in an effort to empower analytical thinking and reasoning skills.

  • Problem Solving - Effective global managers are problem sharp-shooters. Problem solving skills result from a firm understanding of the basic tenets of global business practices and are further refined through exposure to actual problem solving strategies. This theme relies on a mix of case studies as well as on real-life problems presented by global managers of successful area businesses.


  • Critical Thinking: Demonstrated ability to recognize & gather data, analyze information and synthesize for creative endeavors and problem solving.
  • Communications: Demonstrates ability to share ideas and findings clearly in written and oral expression
  • Teamwork: Demonstrates advancement in the ability to work with others effectively as a team member and as a team leader.
  • Self-Management: Demonstrates ability to self-evaluate, modify behavior and meet or exceed obligations.
  • Professionalism: Demonstrates ability to create and sustain a positive impression, confidence and advance in a career.

Curry College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), located in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. Information about this accreditation can be found here:

Public Disclosures

Curry College MBA students present their Capstone project, consulting for Hasbro

Experience REAL-WORLD Consulting

The Curry College MBA culminates in a Capstone course where you and your cohort team collaborate with a faculty mentor and serve as consultants on an actual multi-layered project for an area business. You'll demonstrate your mastery of the four core program themes, integrate your knowledge across business functions and put your analytical skills to work in a compelling situational evaluation.

Learn more about MBA Capstone Projects

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We're excited you're considering our flexible, convenient, and real-world focused Curry College MBA Degree program and we look forward to helping you reach your career goals.