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Justine Ramos '05 Serves Food out of Food Truck "Cheesy Chicks" (Photo Credit Marc Vasconcellos/The Enterprise)
January 25, 2023


Alumni Outcomes

(Photo credit: Marc Vasconcellos/The Enterprise)

Before coming to Curry, Justine Ramos ’05 barely left her house. She went to school, went to dance, and came home, always staying in her comfort zone. Her life revolved around strict routine and playing it safe. She never dreamed that years later she’d be back on campus, serving her alma mater as a successful food truck entrepreneur.

When the time came to choose a College, Ramos wanted to go somewhere that wouldn’t be too far of a commute from Brockton, her hometown and happy place. However, from the second she stepped on Curry’s campus, she knew her life was about to change drastically for the better.

She immediately became immersed in Curry’s close-knit community and knew from move-in day that this would be her new home where she would become a new person. “The opportunities that Curry gave me from the start rounded me as a person,” she said. “Coming from a sheltered life, I was able to branch out in so many different ways – I was in Student Government Association, served as class secretary, and even continued my passion for dance.” 

After graduation, Ramos had both the confidence and desire to try new things, and to step out of her comfort zone, because of her experience at Curry. “Curry really put me out there. It challenged me while also offering support,” she said. “Living on campus, participating in clubs, and creating lifelong relationships helped my personal and professional growth tremendously. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Curry.”

Even with a successful job as an EMT for Amazon, Ramos found herself wanting more. While knowing that her job at Amazon provided job security, she also knew from her college experience that risks can equal reward, if you invest your whole heart into it. So, as a go-getter with big dreams, she dropped everything to take on a new challenge, and now runs one of the most popular food trucks on the South Shore, called “Cheesy Chicks.”

Last semester, her journey came full circle when she served the students at Curry College as one of its Food Truck Friday vendors.

“I was honored and excited to come back to campus,” said Ramos. “The coolest part was having Curry reach out to me for the opportunity. Everything came full circle.” 

And while running a business is all but easy, Ramos takes the challenges in stride and now teaches her children the value of branching out embracing who they are, and believing in their dreams, like she did. “As long as you put yourself out there and give it your everything, that’s what matters.”