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Brittany Bailey ’23 Jumps into New Role as Medical Examiner Assistant with Confidence and Passion

Brittany Bailey Out in the Science Research Field
September 14, 2023


Alumni Outcomes

Since she was young, Brittany Bailey ’23 has always wanted to be a medical examiner. While following a high-profile case at the mere age of 7, Brittany was immediately drawn to the field of forensics, and knew she wanted to be a part of providing truth and justice for victims and their families.

Just four months after graduating with a Forensic Science degree and a double minor in Chemistry and Criminal Justice, she’s crushing her career goals as a Medical Examiner Assistant for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Boston.

In her new role, Brittany assists the medical examiner with forensic autopsies, ensuring that all collected evidence is properly documented, labeled, and entered into the computer system.

“As a medical examiner assistant, I’m also responsible for dispatching and responding to scenes and medical facilities,” said Bailey. “In the office, we make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, prepared, and photographed, during the autopsy.”

This important work is familiar to the recent graduate, who spent much of her academic career gaining hands-on experience in Curry’s’ state-of-the-art Forensic Science Lab and Training Center. She served as a forensic science teaching assistant for two years, where she educated other students on forensic photography, and assisted in mock crime scene investigation while providing a fun and safe environment for her peers.

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Through concentrated coursework, research experience, and one-one-one support from dedicated faculty, Brittany felt empowered to pursue her career goals after crossing the stage in 2023. In addition to her TA role, she also served as a research assistant with her peers during her senior year where she further developed career-marketable skills such as forensic analysis, disinfection management, insect identification, teamwork, and more. This past April, Brittany presented her culminating research at the Annual Academic Forum with her project titled, “Burying Beetles’ Impact on Fly Production in Urban New England.” 

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She also served on the executive board of the Forensic Science Club, which contributed to her passion for the field.

“Overall, the Forensic Science program helped expand my knowledge on the different career paths one could take with a Forensics degree,” said Brittany. “Being a STEM major, a lot of my classes had amazing professors who supported me throughout my time at Curry, and for that, I am extremely grateful.”