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Student studies brain activity on computer screen
June 22, 2023



Students interested in the study of the brain and behavior can now major in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at Curry College. With many exciting career outcomes options in artificial intelligence, behavioral medicine, pharmaceutical research, and more, the Brain and Cognitive Sciences major gives students the opportunity to integrate neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, and neuropsychology as a way to understand the brain, cognitive functioning, and behavior.

Students will learn about the neurological foundations of attention, perception, memory, thinking, learning, language, social behavior, and mental disorders, and will allow them the opportunity to study and learn about the structure and function of healthy brains, as well as brain diseases and disorders. In addition, students will learn about neurodiversity and its implications.

“This exciting new major will allow for later progression by easily adding and integrating other areas of interest that students may have such as language and computer science,” said Dr. Robert Polewan, associate professor of Psychology. “The new program also aligns with a number of faculty interests in measuring brain activity during cognitive tasks using the existing Departments’ electroencephalogram (EEG) laboratory.”

For those looking to continue their education beyond graduation, the completion of this program also grants students the necessary foundations to succeed in graduate programs in neuropsychology, biological psychology, and psychology.

The new program is yet one more way Curry College continues to deliver on its vision to offer unique, relevant, and rigorous academic programs. The College also recently introduced new relevant minors, including Coaching, Forensic Investigations, and Business Analytics and Information Systems.