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Renderings of the Esports lounge
February 08, 2024


Student Engagement

This spring, the Student Center game room will be converted into a state-of-the-art Esports lounge. The College will unveil the space in early April, providing an opportunity for Curry students to engage in collaborative gaming experiences. This highly anticipated initiative offers our students the chance to engage in competitive gaming, fostering essential skills like critical thinking, communication, and teamwork, all while having an absolute blast.

View the Esports Lounge Designs

Over the years, it has been discovered that gaming and Esports at the college level, especially in dedicated spaces like the planned Esports lounge, plays a crucial role in enhancing connectedness among college students (all in moderation, of course!). This, in turn, contributes significantly to student wellness and satisfaction.

With this in mind, Assistant Director of Intramurals, Club Sports, and Fitness Center Operations Kevin Blackmur identified an opportunity to transform the current game room into an Esports lounge. Blackmur emphasized, “Esports is rapidly growing in global education, and by embracing this initiative, Curry can position itself as innovative and ahead of the curve.”

Recognizing that students are already engaged in gaming within their residence halls, Blackmur envisions a space where students from all areas of campus can gather to create shared memories. Equipped with ten desktop computers, the lounge accommodates students interested in both competitive and noncompetitive gaming. Functioning like an “open gym,” any student is welcome to drop in and use the computers at their convenience.

“The Esports lounge will be a great addition to the Student Center and will help accommodate the growing population of those interested in gaming on campus by providing everyone a place to meet,” said senior Tom Crisafulli.

Erik Müürisepp, Curry’s Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, shares his excitement, expressing, “I am very excited that we will have this cutting-edge space in the Student Center that will allow students to game together with other Curry students.”

Beyond gaming, Esports highlights the significance of community building. The program is a part of the National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC), which helps facilitate connections not only among Curry students, but also enables them to engage with friends from other schools that are a part of the conference. This affiliation also opens the door to nationwide connections with peers from other programs, fostering relations that might not have otherwise been possible.

The creation of this space has played a significant role in fostering a sense of community among those involved in its development. Müürisepp notes his pride in those dedicated to bringing it to life, stating, "I am really proud of the cross-campus team that has been working to make this Esports lounge a reality."