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New logo on banner
February 23, 2024



As part of ongoing efforts to enhance the College’s overall brand, a new academic logo was recently revealed to the Curry community. The prevailing logo (pictured above in rendering), favored by students, staff, and faculty, is just one piece of the extensive branding work the College has completed in partnership with Carnegie Higher Education.

Visit the Branding Initiative Webpage

“In today’s hypercompetitive higher ed environment, Curry needs a differentiated, authentic, emotionally resonant, and well-communicated brand to remain competitive,” said Liz Matson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “Developing and implementing this comprehensive brand plan helps position the College to recruit new students, foster student life and retain our amazing current students, and grow fundraising opportunities.”

The modern and sleek design of the new academic logo gives Curry College's brand a more contemporary look. The new wordmark font is Ringside, and the "Infinity C" icon represents the endless caring, support, and community offered at Curry. The upward trajectory of the angled edges in the "Infinity C" and "R"s, along with the upward-facing arrow in the "G" add not only an air of tradition to this modern design, but signify Curry's forward-thinking, mission-driven approach to improving the lives and experiences of our students every day.

Another key phase of these branding initiatives will take place in summer 2024, when the College will begin work on the athletics mascot. This effort is expected to continue into the fall and will include Curry community-wide input from students, staff, faculty, and alumni.