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Educate, Support, and Plan: Curry Faculty Connect with Channing Elementary Teachers in New Partnership

Channing Elementary School Sign
June 14, 2022


Academics | Faculty Accomplishments

Curry’s Graduate Programs in the Education and Mathematics Department formed a professional development partnership with the Channing Elementary School in Hyde Park, a neighborhood of Boston close to Curry’s campus. In a series of two-hour sessions, Curry education and mathematics faculty are working with Channing faculty on math and science standards and improving student outcomes around math and science instruction.

“The focus is on helping educators unpack state standards and to connect to their curriculum,” said Giordana Basta, Assistant Professor and the Director of Graduate Programs in Education. “But it's also tying in some of our college resources, which are directly linked to some of our math and ed courses at Curry. There's also a coaching aspect to this where we work with their leadership team as well as classroom teachers. We plan with teachers and support them with instructional coaching sessions. The coaching sessions are held either virtually or in person.”

The partnership, which began in January, will run for three years. Channing faculty participants can earn graduate college credits that they could transfer into Curry’s Master of Education program.

The Channing School uses a curriculum called iReady. Basta said they’ve also been analyzing assessment data, to help the Channing team understand any gaps that might exist between the instruction and what the children are learning. Basta said the pandemic is also an important consideration with this partnership and there is a need for helping teachers understand how to fill gaps or assess where students are after COVID-19 and months of virtual instruction.

“I'm so inspired every time I leave the Channing Elementary after a visit. Witnessing the teachers’ commitment to these students, it’s incredible,” said Basta.