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December 08, 2021


Alumni Outcomes | Student Success

The Criminal Justice Student Organization (CJSO) and the Criminal Justice Honor Society (Lambda Alpha) welcomed two Special Agents from the FBI in early December. Special Agent Mike Worrick is a Curry alum, having graduated in 2011, and Special Agent Karen Leck is the recruiter in the Boston FBI office.

Leck detailed the hiring process for special agents, professional staff, and intelligence analysts. Both discussed their professional paths that led them to their work in the FBI. Having worked in local law enforcement, Worrick discussed his current position working in counter-terrorism. Moderated by CJSO representative Fiona Smith ‘23, students asked Worrick and Leck questions about what they enjoyed about their jobs and the most memorable cases on which they’ve worked. When asked advice about how students could make themselves competitive in the hiring process, Worrick urged students to take advantage of opportunities in professional work to demonstrate leadership.  “Make yourself stand out,” Worrick said.

Leck also said students should be cautious of their use of social media and counseled them on the phases of physical and intelligence tests that make up the hiring process. If anyone is interested in learning more about the FBI and career opportunities, please see the FBI's job website at You can also contact Special Agent Leck with any questions at