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Dr. Gagan 'Mia' Khera Presents at the American Psychological Association conference

Dr. Gagan "Mia" Khera, Psychology
September 20, 2017


Academics | Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Gagan "Mia" Khera of the Psychology Department recently presented three bodies of research at the annual American Psychological Association conference in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Khera served as chair of a symposium entitled, "Beyond the Model Minority Myth: Sociocultural Factors and Alcohol Use among Asian Americans," which was part of Division 50: Society of Addiction Psychology's programming. As part of the symposium, Dr. Khera also presented her research on acculturation and substance use, "Acculturation and Alcohol Use Among South Asian American College Students."

The second study, a research poster for which she was first author - collaborating with colleagues at The George Washington University (GWU), was entitled, "Factors Related to Help-Seeking and Service Utilization among South Asian International Students." The third, also in collaboration with colleagues at GWU, was entitled, "Asian/Asian Americans' Beliefs and Help-Seeking Attitudes Related to Anxiety and Academic Distress."