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Mia Khera Professor

Mia Khera

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Dr. Gagan "Mia" Khera is a Professor in the Psychology Department. She is a clinical psychologist and received her PhD from The George Washington University, where she obtained an F31 training grant from NICHD to fund her dissertation research examining Asian Indians. Dr. Khera has been a licensed Clinical Psychologist since 2007 and has served on the Executive Committee for the Division of South Asian Americans of the Asian American Psychological Association. She was awarded a Leadership Fellowship with the Asian American Psychological Association and was a Fellow in the Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology with the American Psychological Association.

Her research focuses on the risk and protective factors that influence the well-being and mental health of ethnic minorities, with an emphasis on Asian immigrants and second-generation individuals.  She has recently published papers on the help-seeking behaviors of college students.   Another research interest which stems from her teaching, is the examination of multicultural education for college students.  Dr. Khera enjoys involving students in her research as well as encouraging students to explore their own interests.  She currently serves as the Internship Coordinator for the Psychology Department.

Dr. Khera notes that her clinical, teaching and research interests have been greatly influenced by her two years of teaching in an elementary school in South Phoenix through Teach For America, after college.