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Kieran Clarke ’84
December 18, 2023


Alumni Outcomes

President Jay Gonzalez is pleased to announce that Kieran Clarke ’84 has been elected to serve on the Curry College Board of Trustees. Clarke, a senior executive with over 20 years of experience in the media industry, has maintained close connections with Curry since he graduated as a Business Management major. He was the College’s Keynote Speaker at the 2010 Convocation. He is very excited to help shape the vision of Curry College for years to come.

"Going to college, succeeding, and then graduating from Curry was totally a game changer in my life," said Clarke. "I never really appreciated what kind of opportunities existed in the world until I got to Curry. My education and degree opened a lot of doors to new ideas for me. Curry is also where I met my wife, Edie '85, over 40 years ago and my sister, Kate, graduated in '86.

"The liberal arts foundation taught at Curry was really meaningful to what I do now. I remember that Curry wasn't the prototypical academic environment where you had a large class with lectures translated strictly from a textbook. Instead, there was real world language being communicated in a way that students could understand what the professional landscape was going to be like in three or four years."

Clarke is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of the Mental Health TV Network (MHTN). MHTN is where viewers/users will go to see and learn more about all aspects of mental health. It will be distributed everywhere and seen on every device in multiple languages.

"Think of it as the Golf Channel for Mental Health," said Clarke.

Prior to launching MHTN, he served in various media executive roles including CRO at Bitcentral, Inc. and V.P., General Manager at 21st Century Fox.  His experience ranges from hands-on TV station management, sales, and syndication to digital media asset creation and distribution. He also has extensive expertise in the development and implementation of strategic planning and financial management for startups and established multi-million dollar organizations. He has been a change agent and industry disruptor in many of his roles.

Clarke lives in Connecticut with his wife Edie. They have four grown kids.