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Dr. Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel Joins American Law Society, Presents Three Papers

Dr. Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel, Psychology
October 11, 2017


Academics | Faculty Accomplishments

The American Law Society has recruited and admitted Psychology Professor Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel, listing her as an expert in the areas of School Psychology, School Neuropsychology, Therapy, Forensic Examining, and Expert Witness Consulting. 

Dr. Leonard-Zabel also recently presented three papers to the 25th World Congress on Learning Disabilities: "Neurobiological and Psychopathological Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency," "Cancer Brain: The Neuropsychological Effects of Treatment on the Developing Pediatric Brain," and "Pathognomic Assessment Signs Leading to the Diagnostic Prognosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders."   

The conference was originally scheduled to take place in Florida in early September. Due to Hurricane Irma, however, the World Congress cancelled the on-the-ground conference, and Dr. Leonard-Zabel helped arrange a series of online virtual webinars featuring the scheduled speakers.