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Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel Professor

Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel

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Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
C.A.G.S., University of Massachusetts/Boston
M.Ed., Bridgewater State University
B.A., University of Massachusetts/Boston

Dr. Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel is a Full Professor of Psychology at Curry College. She received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts/Boston, a Master's degree from Bridgewater State University, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies Degree from the University of Massachusetts/Boston, and her Doctorate Degree from Nova Southeastern University. In addition, Dr. Leonard-Zabel completed graduate course work in Paralegal Studies, a post-doctoral fellowship in Attentional Disorders and post-doctoral training in Special Education Law, Neuropsychology, Forensics and Homeland Security. Dr. Leonard-Zabel owns a private international practice specializing in evaluations and consultation for neuro-behavioral learning disabilities, neuro-developmental disorders, emotional-behavioral difficulties, forensic examiner evaluations and substance abuse. She offers bilingual consultation/evaluations within her practice.

Dr. Leonard-Zabel has 39 years of professional experience as a therapist, educational psychologist, pediatric neuropsychologist, and forensic psychological examiner. She served 16-years as a voluntary member on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts School Psychologist Association and served as an Executive Board Member of the American Board of School Neuropsychology. For the past 13 years, she has served as the senior clinical instructor and senior supervisor for a Post-Graduate/Post-Doctoral Hybrid Model Program for the KidsInc School Neuropsychology Certificate International Program. She assists with training professionals in the United States and world-wide to be a Board Certified Diplomat by the American Board of School Neuropsychology. 

She holds national, diplomat and fellow certifications in the field of Autism, School Neuropsychology, School Psychology, Homeland Security, Forensic Counseling, Forensic Examining, Juvenile Sex Offending Examiner, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, Clinical Counseling, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Addictions, and Disability Analysis, to name a few. She earned three international certifications in Autism: Certified Autism Specialist, Advanced Certified Autism Specialist-Level 1, and Advanced Certified Autism Specialist-Level 2-ABA, among others. She and internationally featured by the IBCCESS credentialing board in their newsletter for her accomplishments in the specialty of Autism Spectrum Disorders. In addition, she was one of eleven authors involving the Board Certification Behavioral Specialist International Credential.

Dr. Leonard-Zabel was invited and presented during the summer of 2018 at the 4th USA Federal Interagency Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury in Washington, D.C. involving world-renowned presenters. The title of her paper presentation was, “How Traumatic Brain Injury Impacts Pediatric Learning and Memory.” The 4th USA Interagency Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury is held once every seven years of which professionals from around the globe come to train and hear the latest research information on Traumatic Brain Injury across the lifespan.

She has been busy presenting nationally and internationally as well as publishing. Some of the things she conducted included the following: She was invited and present at a half-day training at the International School Neuropsychology Summit in Dallas, Texas. The topic was “The Forensic and Legal Implications Involving Juvenile Psychopathology from a School Neuropsychological Perspective.”  Her presentation touched on new ground in the field of School Neuropsychology of which she presented on various methods of assessment reviewing brain-behavior implications impacting safety, dangerousness, and competency to stand trial among at-risk children and youth. In addition, Dr. Leonard-Zabel recently completed and passed all course requirements to receive an international certification as a Brain Health Coach awarded by the Amen Clinics of USA. She was invited and accepted to be listed as a Certified Brain Health Coach within the Amen International Registry and is considered a global expert in this area.

She was awarded Emeritus Status from the American Board of Disability Analysts attesting to the highest level of skill and expertise in area of Disability Analysis. She was recognized in the American Psychological Association Journal (APA) under the personality and achievement section. The APA Journal is distributed to 100,000 members annually. Dr. Leonard-Zabel was awarded the Distinguished Leadership Circle of Directors from the American Board of Disability Analysts and was awarded the title of Honorary Founding Faculty Member for the American College of Disability Analysts. In August 2014 she was invited as the Keynote Speaker at the F.L. Chamberlain International School's graduation ceremony. Her topic: "Inspiration for Your Life." In May 2015, Dr. Leonard-Zabel received two awards from Curry College: "Person of the Year" and "Excellence in Teaching-Research, which she states “is the highest honor she could ever receive in her career." In addition, Dr. Leonard-Zabel was recognized and awarded during the summer of 2015 with the Diplomat credential from the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security and is one of the few educational and pediatric neuropsychologists to hold this credential.

Dr. Leonard-Zabel was unanimously elected to serve on the Learning Disabilities Worldwide Board of Directors (LDW). She participated in the World Congress on Learning Disabilities in London, England serving as the Opening Keynote presenting for 1.5 hours on Brain and Resiliency involving Learning Difference. In addition, she served as the Chairperson for the Research Poster Sessions as well as conducted two trainings involving a new Comprehensive Brain-Based Behavioral Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders and presented on Traumatic Brain Injury Impacting a Child or Youth’s Memory, Learning, and Behavior. Due to excellent reviews with her presentations at the World Congress on Learning Disabilities, she was asked to present at the Learning Disabilities World Congress in Kissimmee, Florida. Coming fall of 2019 she will be presenting at the Learning Disabilities Worldwide Congress in Houston, Texas.

In addition, she was appointed to serve as one of the Associate Editors for "Insights on Learning Disabilities: From Prevailing Theories to Validated Practices" which is a peer-reviewed journal, published bi-annually by LDW.  Dr. Leonard-Zabel was recruited and appointed to both the Editorial Board for the Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry and the Editorial Board of the International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology of which she reviews research just published worldwide.

In the spring of 2019 she was the invited Keynote Speaker and Presenter at the Neuroscience Brain Congress in Barcelona, Spain of which she received 5 awards for recognition of her professional work. As an outgrowth of her work, she is invited to train physicians and mental health professionals in 6 countries. In the spring of 2019, she will be one of 10 speakers at the Space Summit-Mental Health Conference held at Space Center Houston performing a TEDx style talk and a presentation. In the summer of 2019, she will be the Keynote and Speak for the International Mental Health Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also, she was asked to collaborate with colleagues in Germany focusing on Learning Disabilities Interventions which is scheduled in the near future.

Dr. Leonard-Zabel was asked to be one of 25 renowned speakers and researchers to present at the IBCCES International Symposium on Cognitive Research and Disabilities in February 2017 focusing on the Orchestra of Emotions and the impact of Traumatic Brain Injury with at-risk children and youth. In addition, she was one of 25 world leaders at this conference performing a TEDx style talk which was broadcasted live and online to participants of the conference worldwide. In February 2018, she performed a TEDx style talk for ICRSD in Jacksonville Florida which was incorporated into the International Mental Health Symposium. Recently, in November 2018, she performed a third TEDx style talk on Bullying and a presentation on Anxiety for ICRSD/IBCCESS organizations in Jacksonville, Florida. She has published chapters and international webinars within her profession.

Dr. Leonard-Zabel was elected by several senior students at the Curry College "High Honors Senior Event" held over the years as the one who was most influential in their academic achievement of success and mentorship. In 2014 and 2018, she was one of several continuing education professors recognized by the Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society - Curry College Division - for excellence with student mentorship and student achievement. She was chosen to be the fall 2014 Curry College Convocation Faculty Speaker which is an event welcoming incoming freshman to the college.

Dr. Leonard-Zabel's research interests include Neuropsychology, Learning Disabilities, Social-Emotional Disorders, Forensics, Ethical & Legal Issues, Disability Law, Military Psychology, Addictions, Autism, the Neuropsychological Impact of Cancer Treatment on the Pediatric Brain and the Neuropsychological Effects of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) on the Developing Child and Adolescent Brain. She has written and presented national/ international professional webinars, journal articles and chapters for textbooks. Dr. Leonard-Zabel serves as a reviewer of textbooks for publication, as well as, participates in research involving several testing batteries, for which she is acknowledged for her contributions within the manuals. She is currently working on a book in the Assessment and Intervention of Adolescent Addiction. Just recently, she co-authored a journal article titled" How to Support Struggling Writers: What the Research Stipulates" within the prestigious International Journal of Special Education with her esteem colleague Dr. Matthias Grunke of the University of Cologne, Germany.

A professional endeavor near and dear to her heart is helping victims with the disease of addiction. She is in the initial pre-stage development for a non-profit foundation involving Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). The focus will be to help infants, children, and adolescents who have been born addicted to substances to establish the best quality of life for them and their families from an educational, environmental, legal, and family prospective.

The joy and love of her life includes her husband, adult children, and grandchildren, traveling and flying to various locations, and painting with acrylics. Interests include psychology, aviation, law, martial arts, interior design, fashion and reading mysteries.