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NFL Hall of Famer Andre Tippett Shares Martial Arts Expertise with Curry Students

former New England Patriots All-Pro linebacker and NFL Hall of Famer Andre Tippett teaches the newly established Curry College Karate Club
October 28, 2021


Student Success

Last spring, robust programming around music and dance provided Curry students with a creative outlet to cope with anxiety caused by the pandemic. This fall, students can also participate in a different form of creative wellness practice through martial arts, with the newly established Karate Club taught by former New England Patriots All-Pro linebacker and NFL Hall of Famer Andre Tippett.

The club, which meets twice a week in the Curry College Fitness Center, explores the critical importance and connectedness of mind, body, and spirit wellness. Tippett, who holds a seventh degree black belt and second level master’s ranking, brings decades of experience in the martial arts to Curry students after being influenced by his own sensei (teacher), with whom he’s trained with for almost 40 years.

“Like in life, if you look hard enough, someone is always raising the bar that you want to emulate,” says Tippett. “My sensei has been that person for me. He has been an outstanding teacher who made me want to teach and continue to pass along what I’ve been fortunate to learn and prosper with.”

For first-year student Anthony Aiken, the Karate Club is a special space for learning, development, and expression. “I enjoy coming here and learning the different katas (detailed patterns of movements) and strikes. Our sensei makes it as simple as possible so that it’s easy for us to get in touch with ourselves and perform it out.”

Tippett hopes that with this practice, Curry students will leave feeling empowered, disciplined, and confident. “In an authentic dojo, everyone is treated with the same respect…everything must be earned. These are all life skills for success,” says Tippett. “Traditional karate gives adults incredible discipline, self-control, and confidence and these things build leaders in our community and schools .”

For more information or to get involved with the Karate Club, students can contact