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PAL Director Dr. Laura Vanderberg receives warm welcome in Mumbai.
February 09, 2018


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In February 2018, Curry College representatives embarked on a cross-cultural expedition, more than 7,600 miles away in Mumbai, India. The Next Genius Foundation asked Curry experts to come to India and provide education on learning differences, educational options, and practical techniques.

More than 100 educators, including administrators, teachers, school counselors, and inclusion directors attended a learning disabilities workshop, which was sponsored by The Next Genius Foundation and included speakers from Curry, Bass Educational Services, Beacon College, and The Gow School. Dr. Laura Vanderberg and Dr. Lynn Abrahams, both of the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL), and Keith Robichaud, Associate Vice President of Admission participated as Curry College thought leaders.

Sessions at the workshop included the history of learning disabilities (LD) inclusion in the U.S. and cultural approach, foundational understanding of LD, educational approaches for LD, K-12 and higher education options and admission. U.S. educators also had the chance to learn from Indian families about their LD experiences, and the Indian educational and cultural approach to LD.  Since educational programming for students with learning disabilities is fairly new to India, PAL professors and Admissions met with several families to provide individualized consultation and resources for students who have learning differences.

"In these meetings, families shared that for their children, who ranged from fifth to 12th grade, interventions to improve reading and learning were scarce," said Dr. Vanderberg. "The children's parents were searching for some understanding of why their bright and able children were experiencing such learning challenges even while they were high achieving."

"Families were surprised to hear that Curry and other peer U.S. institutions value the child's learning strengths and challenges and provide individualized interventions, services, and varied educational settings." While in Mumbai, Curry reps also visited high schools to better understand education in India and use that knowledge to improve programming for international students at Curry. 

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