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Patrick Parsons '23
September 26, 2022


Academics | Student Success

While many seniors may begin their final year of college with trepidation about the future ahead, Business Administration major Patrick Parsons '23 is heading into his final stretch with confidence. 

After a successful stint as a Project Coordinator Intern with Granite Telecommunications in the spring of 2022, Parsons was offered a full-time job from Project Management Supervisor Ken Longo.

“Patrick was head of the class as far as performance goes, evaluated as our top performer,” said Longo. “He showed signs very early on that he was several steps ahead of most of his peers as far as maturity, adaptability, and resilience.”

While learning crucial business skills such as professional communication, data tracking, installation processing, and customer relations, Parsons says he utilized the hands-on learning experience at Granite to develop both personally and professionally. “My advice to students is that when you obtain an internship, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes,” he said. “The best way to learn and grow is to put yourself out there and look for the answers yourself. You’ll be thankful that you did.”