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Hailey Bishop ‘22
September 20, 2021


Academics | Student Success

Whether we realize it or not, fashion plays a key role in our everyday lives. This is especially true for communication major Hailey Bishop ‘22 whose passion for fashion dates back to her formative years. And although she has been writing about the latest styles and trends in the industry for nearly a decade, Bishop recently took the next big step toward her dream career after Curry.

Her article, "His shoes are works of art," featuring Project Runway season 14 winner Chris Donovan was recently published by styleboston, the online version of the Emmy-award winning lifestyle TV show. Bishop had the opportunity to sit down with Donovan over the summer in Boston to discuss his latest line of shoe designs.

“My jaw dropped when I first saw it published on the styleboston site. I got really emotional as I thought back to the connections I had made in order to get this opportunity and the hard work my team and I put into the piece,” says Bishop. “It was a satisfying full-circle moment.”

Bishop isn’t a stranger to hard work. Her very own fashion website, Beauty by Hailey, has been up and running for the past seven years. It’s her happy place where she is able to write about what she loves: the most up-to-date fashion trends, beauty reviews, interviews with content designers and fashion influencers, and more.

She also writes professionally for publications like Making it in Manhattan Magazine with Caroline Vazzana and Clothes & Water Magazine and is currently an assistant for the Blondie Beauty Podcast with Mackenzie Judge.

Bishop’s love for fashion began when she was in elementary school, binge-watching The Rachel Zoe Project on BRAVO! whenever she got the chance.

“I became inspired at an early age and made it a dream job goal to get into the fashion world. Being young and a bit shy, fashion became my way of expressing myself,” she recalls.

When considering colleges, Bishop was impressed by the Curry College communication program. She immediately gravitated toward a concentration in public relations in order to strengthen her ever-growing writing toolbelt. She credits communication department co-chair and professor, Dr. Brenda Wrigley with guiding and nurturing her aspirations.

“Professor Wrigley has been the best PR professor a student could ask for. Her best advice to me has been stressing the significance of networking and using social media. So I’ve used those channels, especially LinkedIn, to my professional advantage.”

Bishop continues to seek out opportunities to network with industry professionals, build up her confidence, and add to her career portfolio. And after she graduates from Curry? Next Stop:  New York Fashion Week.