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Produce, Present & Publish: Curry Faculty Honors this Fall
December 04, 2020


Faculty Accomplishments

Faculty at Curry College are not only dedicated educators and caring mentors to students, they are also among the leading scholars, scientists, artists, and trailblazers in their disciplines. Curry faculty are regularly published in notable academic publications, quoted as experts in the media, and applauded among peers at prestigious industry conferences.

This fall, the following faculty honors include:

Benjamin Chicka, lecturer in the Department of Humanities was quoted in the article, “AOC’s Among Us Livestream Hints at Twitch’s Political Power,” in MIT Technology Review.

Dr. Laurie Fox, professor in the Program for Advancement of Learning, published a book review in the journal, The Educational Therapist, 41(2), on two related books: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies.

Dr. Alan Grigsby, assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology, was nominated for the National Council of Graduate Schools/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award competition, in the Social Sciences category. 

Dr. Abigail Hafer, senior lecturer in the Department of Natural Science and Mathematics, published “How Natural Law Doctrine Gets Nature Wrong: LGBTQ+ rights” the Canadian law journal, The Lawyer’s Daily. She also joins the American Humanist Association as a board member.

Dr. Desiree Hensel, dean of the School of Nursing, published “A Cohesive Plan for Virtual Clinical Education to Teach Clinical Judgement Using Unfolding Cases,” in Nurse Educator.

Dr. Maureen Hillier, senior lecturer in the School of Nursing, published “Standardization of Standardized Patient Training in Medical Simulation,” in StatPearls, Clinical Accommodations and Simulation,” in Disability as Diversity, and “Innovative Communication Learning: Combining TED Talks and Reflective Writing for Nursing Students,” in Creative Nursing. 

Lindsay Illich, professor in the Writing Program published her new book, Fingerspell.

Dr. Elizabeth Kudzma, professor emeritus in the School of Nursing, published a next textbook, “Canadian Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span Elsevier.

Dr. Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel, a professor in the Department of Psychology, presented “The Neurobiology of Happiness: How to be Happy When Experiencing Neuro-Behavioral Challenges in Life” at the 2020 Annual World Congress on Learning Disabilities Conference. She was also recently accredited as an International Board Certified Telepractice Specialist.

Dr. John Murray, professor in the Department of Humanities published the review of “Drugs and the Addition Aesthetic in Nineteenth Century Literature,” in Victoriographies: a Journal of Nineteenth-Century Writing.  Bottom of Form

Dr. Sandra O’Neil, professor and chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology, published “Community obstacles to large scale solar: NIMBY and renewables,” in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.

Dr. Kara Provost, professor and Writing Program coordinator, was featured on “On the Power of Poetry: A Conversation with Prof. Kara Provost,” on Rhody Radio, a weekly podcast led by the Rhode Island public libraries.

Dr. Ishani Tewari, associate professor in the Department of Business, presented “Gender Perceptions, Electoral Outcomes, and Household Expenditures: Evidence from Close Indian State Elections,” at the 90th meeting of the Southern Economic Association. She was also featured as an expert in a new report that analyzed the median home’s “weight” in gold on Point2, a real estate website.

Dr. Coleen Toronto, associate professor in the School of Nursing, published “Detecting Deception of Social Media Health Claims,” in Nurse Educator.