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Rosedina Blanc Dancing in IMPRINT Performance
June 16, 2022


Academics | Student Engagement | Student Success

For Community Health and Wellness major Rosedina Blanc ‘22, the connection between dance and health is beautifully unified. Inspired by Jean Appolon, Curry’s ’21-’22 Artist-in-Residence, Blanc decided to further explore this connection through an independent studio project. This past semester, she connected her Community Health and Wellness major to her Dance minor by working with the greater community, showing how dance can be used as a catalyst for physical health, mental health, and healing trauma.

For her project, Blanc worked with The Center for Teen Empowerment, an organization that employs, trains, and empowers youth, in collaboration with adults, to create peace, equity, and justice. She led three workshops with Roxbury teens, educating them on the benefits of using dance for healing, and presenting her project, “Creating Movement (Dance) with Youth-Activists at the Center for Teen Empowerment” at the Annual Academic Forum.

Blanc hopes to one day become a community health director, and with her experiences and skillset taken from Curry, feels confident that she’ll get there.

“Curry has prepared me for my future goals by providing me with a lot of knowledge, resources, and skills. I value education so much and I am more knowledgeable and confident in my ability to act on whatever I may be doing in the future.”