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Dr. Ishani Tewari, Business Management
December 20, 2017


Academics | Faculty Accomplishments

Romper recently published an article about how toy flipping, especially during the holiday season, is a lucrative business. In the article, Business Management Assistant Professor Dr. Ishani Tewari shares insight on how toy flippers can damage a brand's reputation.

From the Romper article:

Curry College Business Management Professor Dr. Ishani Tewari tells Romper that, from a brand perspective, "toy flipping can be detrimental to its image and credibility. Once the brand loses control of the supply line, the consumer might end up with a damaged or defective product. The resulting negative feedback and reviews will hurt the brand. And this is on top of lost revenue because of the price cut."

There are also some legalities a reseller can run into, according to Tewari. "Some toy brands, such as Legos, are trademarked and the retailer is required to sign a contract with the manufacturer in order to sell the product," she explained. 

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