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Please consider that the borrower may be eligible for Federal Loans and such Federal Loans may have more beneficial terms than Alternative Loans.

Many families supplement their college financing plan with private educational loans. Private loans are available from a variety of lending sources and provide additional funding when the other types of aid do not cover costs. These loans are not guaranteed by the federal government but by private financial institutions. Terms and conditions applicable to these loans vary greatly. Interest rates on these loans are typically higher than federal loans but lower than personal loans. For any private loan which requires the student to be the eligible primary applicant, the student borrower will need a credit-worthy co-signer for approval to borrow from these loan programs.

There are many opportunities available to finance a Curry College education. Your options may include a deferred payment plan, a long-term loan program or a combination of both to reduce immediate out-of-pocket expenses and help spread out college payments over a manageable period. The Student Financial Services Office will work with students and their families to assist them in selecting the option(s) that are best for their circumstances.

For more detailed information on each option, please download the Financing Options Chart.

For online comparisons of our suggested alternative loan lenders, please visit:

Loan disclosure statements for each of our suggested alternative loan lenders are available at

Most lenders offer their own loan programs to help you meet education costs. The Financing Options chart includes some suggested lenders that the College has worked with to help families meet their financing goals. We obtain information from lenders annually and seek to provide you with a number of options to assist you in beginning your financial planning.

While we offer some suggested lenders and loan products to you, it is important to note the College will work with and process loans for any lender of your choice. Parents and students have the right to select the lender of their choice without penalty by the College and are not required to use any lenders on the suggested lender list. When selecting the option best suited for your circumstances, you should compare interest rates, borrowing limits, credit requirements and repayment options. Please contact our offices for more information.

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