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Curry College is launching a redesigned career-driven Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design
February 21, 2020



Curry College is launching a redesigned career-driven Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design. Beginning in the fall of 2020, the reinvented program will focus on mastering the principles, technology, and practical applications needed to produce industry-relevant design solutions. The curriculum guides students through the process of understanding strategic analysis to mastering the technical, conceptual, and practical skills needed to excel in today’s design industry. Throughout the new program, graduates will attend industry conferences, exhibit work in regional and national design competitions, collaborate with leaders in the field, and become proficient using the essential industry software, Adobe Creative Suite.

The Graphic Design program educates individuals to become highly skilled creative thinkers and problem solvers, knowledgeable designers, and responsible professionals, allowing them to enter the marketplace confident and prepared for the ever-evolving field of graphic design.

 “We’ve designed the curriculum and the new classroom space to mirror what our students will experience in the industry,” says Alison Poor-Donahue, associate professor, graphic design. “As an educator, I want to create a seamless transition from the learning experiences in the classroom directly into the industry. We’ve raised the bar on the degree of technical rigor and creativity we demand of students while focusing on their success by supporting and developing individual creativity, intellectual knowledge, and professional abilities.”

 To replicate the industry atmosphere, Curry is renovating space in the Kennedy Academic Building to mirror a “ThinkTank” graphic design studio. In this space, students will brainstorm, conceptualize, and develop dynamic systems that facilitate meaningful, consumer-based interactions. Students will have access to a digital photography studio, large format printers, and industry-standard Wacom tablets. Other unique opportunities include access to the American Institute of Graphic Arts, competing in national collegiate graphic design contests, and ongoing networking with industry professionals.

Graphic design major Jennifer Sheridan ’22 believes the redesigned courses will help prepare her for a future career in design. “I’m excited to begin the new classes and to work on assignments that will put theory into practice. With these new skills, I know I will be able to differentiate myself to potential employers when I graduate.” 

As the digitally-based economy evolves, understanding how to effectively communicate ideas and messages becomes more and more important. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the graphic design field to grow more than 10 percent over the next decade.

“There is an immediate need for knowledgeable entry-level designers in the market today,” says James Fitts, associate lecturer at Curry College. “Previously, job opportunities for graduates were primarily in design or marketing agencies, but we’re now seeing more and more companies create in-house designer positions. All of our new studio courses, program enrichments, and lab resources are distinctively built to prepare our students for entry into today’s dynamic business environment.”

The expanded graphic design program is yet one more way Curry College continues to deliver on its vision to offer unique, relevant, and rigorous academic programs as part of its Strategic Plan. The College recently introduced other new academic programs, including Sport and Recreation Management, Forensic Science, Mathematics Education, and Public Health & Wellness