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Amber Soucy ’13, MSN ’18 Talks Social Distancing 101 on New Digital Health Webinar

Amber Soucy '13, MSN '18
March 25, 2020


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In a new virtual chat series led by digital health company Carium, Amber Soucy '13, MSN '18 will speak on the significance of social distancing in combating the spread of the coronavirus. 

"Given the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am honored to be asked to participate in the Health IRL webinar this week," she says. "I hope to convey the importance of social distancing, especially regarding healthcare workers and vulnerable populations. There is a sense of ambivalence within society right now, and I hope to provide some clarity and shed light from the healthcare worker's perspective as I continue to work on the front lines."

As a registered nurse at Boston Medical Center, Soucy manages post-operative care for surgical patients in the Surgical Trauma Intermediate Care Unit. While elective surgeries are temporarily postponed, Soucy continues to work for the trauma and cardiac specialties. Among her colleagues in the medical field, she is committed to staying educated on the COVID-19 virus with a focus on providing attentive and compassionate care for patients. 

"We are still learning new things about this specific strain of virus every day; how to control, mitigate, treat, and prevent the spread," she says. "As bedside nurses, we are facing an immense amount of pressure when providing patient care. We must remain vigilant and informed at all times, and this is even more vital now, more than ever."

Outside her position at Boston Medical Center, Soucy has worked at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Tufts Medical Center and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Society for Participatory Medicine. The nonprofit promotes the integration of patient and provider partnerships aimed to improve patient care and outcomes. After completing her Master of Science in Nursing at Curry, Soucy began serving as a clinical instructor at Labouré College. 

With a passion for patient care, Soucy hopes to work in an area that specializes in improving the patient experience and believes her education at Curry has been instrumental in helping her accomplish her current and future career goals.

"In the future, I hope to transition to critical care and work within a Surgical Intensive Care Unit, and I would then love to be a Team Leader or Resource Nurse. My passion lies within improving the patient experience, so I would also love to be a Patient Experience Manager within an academic hospital," she says. "All I know is given my extensive undergraduate and graduate training at Curry, the opportunities are now endless."

The webinar on social distancing is held Thursday, March 26, at 2 p.m., register here