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College Amid COVID: Students Reflect on Fall Semester
January 13, 2021


Student Success

The Fall semester presented countless challenges, changes, and learning curves in almost every aspect of campus life. From jumping into remote learning to protecting others by wearing a mask or forgoing traditional group gatherings, our students adapted quickly to the "new normal," all while keeping the safety of their friends and family as a top priority. We asked three Curry College undergraduates to reflect on the Fall semester to share their challenges, triumphs, and what they learned along the way. 

Kuda Muhlauri '21

As a senior, a Resident Assistant, a member of the men's soccer team, and a business management major, this past semester brought a different life experience for my classmates and me.

During the summer, my senior season was canceled because of the pandemic. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I understood that the Commonwealth Coast Conference made the best decision to keep all of the student-athletes healthy and safe. Although I didn't have a traditional senior season, I am thankful that Curry allowed the fall teams to have safe practices led by the head coaches. Despite COVID-19, I learned a lot from coach Mendel and the assistant coaches-coach Madden, coach Gabbard, and coach ET.

Being an RA was different from the previous years where students knocked on my door whenever they needed assistance. This past fall, my fellow RA's and I held our programs online through Zoom, trying our best to build a community among the students.

I also put a lot of energy into my studies this past fall and was able to teach myself a new way of learning. My schedule had a combination of both in-person and online classes. I am grateful to my teachers for their understanding and patience this past semester.

If this semester has taught me anything, it's to cherish my loved ones and the power of perseverance.

Kelsey Morales '23

The Fall semester was one for the books. Getting used to our "new normal" was quite interesting, but Curry College made the best of it. As the Community Service Assistant on campus, it was tough coming up with creative programs for my peers. Despite the challenges related to COVID, there was also a lot to be positive about this year. During the semester, Community Service had five successful programs. Community Service also partnered up with so many unique groups across campus to help give back to our community. The highlight for Community Service was partnering with the Wellness department and making Finals Week care packages for all students.

Being a college student at Curry during COVID-19 has helped me look at situations from a different perspective. If I had learned anything from this pandemic, it would be to go with the flow because anything can change. I'm looking forward to seeing what the spring semester of 2021 will bring at Curry.

Justin Cochran '21

Being a senior at Curry this year was a huge change from the past three years. With the health and safety restrictions, I found it challenging to navigate the campus. However, I quickly came around to making the best out of the situation, and this past fall semester, I can proudly say was one of my most successful semesters as a college student. I worked my hardest and was determined to create new memories.

As one of the managers at the Speaking Center, we found it challenging to do the work we usually do with our students. Even though appointments were not in person, I still got the same feeling of fulfillment knowing I helped students succeed with virtual sessions. It is these types of moments that we need more of, and it's something that drove me to continue to push myself during stressful times.

I encourage students to continue to find those moments of joy and accomplishment. With all these changes, new traditions and experiences will follow!