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Jean Merisier ’20
January 16, 2021


Alumni Outcomes | Student Success

This article appears in the Fall 2020 Edition of Curry Magazine

As doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, educators, law enforcement professionals and more, Curry alumni have given unsparingly of their time and energy for the greater public good at this moment of crisis.

With more than 60 percent of ongoing clinical trials interrupted or delayed, Bob Arnesen ’93, co-founder and president of eClinical Solutions, added COVID-19 Analytics to the company’s platform to help researchers manage the risks the pandemic presents for their ongoing clinical trials. "We are inspired by how hard the research community is working both to find a treatment for COVID-19 and to ensure critical new therapies in development continue to progress."

When no-visitor policies became necessary to protect elderly residents, Five Star Senior Living knew they had to do something to help their residents stay connected to loved ones. They charged Jean Merisier ’20 to program and deliver hundreds of Apple iPads across their facilities, which span 33 states. "With the pandemic, our residents can’t see their family members, and some don’t have access to a cell phone. The new iPads enable us to help these families to see and talk to each other every day, which is important now more than ever."

In Spokane, Wash., KHQ-TV Reporter Peter Maxwell ’14 was one of the first media professionals to break the news on the initial coronavirus outbreak in the country. "I was one of the first reporters in the local market to report on COVID-19. Since my time working at Fox News, I always monitor the news overseas, and I began watching the coronavirus news very closely. When it started to pop up here in Washington, my first question to myself was: is our health district ready?"

As Executive Producer/Co-Host of "The News with Gene Valicenti" on the WPRO News Talk radio station in Providence, R.I., Tom Quinlan ’13 believes this time in history presents an unprecedented opportunity for professionals in the mass media. "This is an opportunity of a lifetime to be reporting on something like this."

At the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Nate Almeida ’18 leads all things emergency management to ensure the hospital meets the rapidly changing environment of the global pandemic.

As a human resources executive in Thermo Fisher’s West Coast headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif., Jessica Karvelas ’12 helps directly support the company’s critical COVID-19 response. "Thermo Fisher is at the heart of the global response to COVID-19. We are working with government agencies and researchers globally to ensure priority access to instruments, consumables, safety supplies, and other products to address the outbreak – particularly in analysis of the virus, diagnosis, and personal protection."

Registered Nurse at Boston Medical Center Amber Soucy ’13, MSN ’18 spoke on the significance of social distancing in combating the spread of the coronavirus during Health IRL, a virtual chat series led by digital health company Carium. "We are still learning new things about this specific strain of virus every day; how to control, mitigate, treat, and prevent the spread. As bedside nurses, we are facing an immense amount of pressure when providing patient care. We must remain vigilant and informed at all times, and this is even more vital now, more than ever."

As the Community Outreach Officer with the Weymouth Police Department, Jen Pompeo MACJ ’08 plays a critical role in keeping her community connected. In response to the social distancing advisory this year, the officer conducted Facebook Live story times. The broadcasts garnered more than 10,000 views.