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President Jay Gonzalez speaking on a panel
March 18, 2024


Academics | Faculty Accomplishments

Curry College recently hosted The Future of Work in Education event for Dartmouth College alumni and community members. President Jay Gonzalez, a Dartmouth alum himself, and Professor Jen McNally represented Curry on panels that led discussions on topics on the evolution of teaching in the post-pandemic era and the challenges that education leaders face. Several Curry education professors and students also participated in the event workshops.

“This event helped me to pause and reflect on just what has changed and what has remained constant through the upheaval that was the global pandemic,” said McNally. “Most of my discussions focused on the important role that teachers take as designers of learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of students. It was heartening to hear how the different ways that core characteristics that drive people to education—adaptability, care, and ingenuity—are recognized and valued now more than ever.”

McNally said that despite discussing challenges in education, the overall tone was optimistic and hopeful, something that Caroline McDonald, a senior education mathematics major, noticed.

“Something that resonated with me from the conference was when the speakers talked about their journey through leadership and educator positions,” said McDonald. “I recognized for myself that my career path will unfold the way that it is supposed to, even if at this time I don't have the details of my first job planned out. Someone, somewhere, will believe in you enough to give you the keys to unlock the door and start your own career journey.”