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Curry College Professor’s Clothing Drive Provides Support for Turkey/Syria Earthquake Victims

Professor Jim Jabbour Proudly Stands Next to Clothing Bags for Donations
March 23, 2023


In February, a devastating earthquake struck southern and central Turkey and western Syria, leaving both countries with nearly 60,000 casualties. To help aid the victims in a desperate time of need, Forensic Science Professor Jim Jabbour organized a clothing drive for a cause that is close to his heart.

Stationed in Turkey during his military service many years ago, Jabbour had a calling to act. “When I saw the devastation of the earthquakes, I felt compelled to do something, anything, to help in any way,” he said. “This work is important from a humanitarian eye to simply be compassionate towards the many thousands of people suffering.”

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Emir Soyata, a first-year Marketing student from Turkey, is thankful for the Curry community rallying together to support his country. “This clothing drive means that the American people are aware of the situation, and are helping Turkey to support it,” he said. “This aid could be really useful for saving earthquake victims' lives, and I’m so grateful for the support.”

Approximately 15 25-gallon bags full of clothing are being packaged by students from the Forensic Science Club and are set to be shipped out this week. And because of the rousing support from the Curry community for the Turkey and Western Syria drive, Jabbour hopes to continue to pay it forward in the form of future initiatives.

“I’m working on organizing an international "food for hungry" drive and collection for this coming Fall semester to involve the Curry community as a whole,” said Jabbour. “I’m hoping I can interest many more people on campus to help in any way possible not only for the earthquake victims but for starving victims around the world as well.”