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Krystal Kizito ‘22 headshot
April 07, 2022


Academics | Student Success

Criminal Justice major Krystal Kizito ‘22 is getting real-world experience in an emerging field of law enforcement focused on collaborative community-based solutions. She is the first intern for the organization Operation 2 Save Lives (O2SL) & QRT National, which was co-founded by Scott Allen, an Associate Lecturer at Curry and former Chief of Police for the town of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

O2SL & QRT National works with municipalities, counties, and states nationwide to address substance use and behavioral health issues through shared, community responses. This innovative work, known as “pre-arrest diversion and deflection” focuses on intervening and helping connect people to care and recovery instead of traditional law enforcement responses, arresting and prosecuting them. Allen was the co-creator of the program in Plymouth County, Massachusetts and it has grown nationally as police departments and other first responders look for new ways to work with local public health and community leaders to help vulnerable residents dealing with substance use or mental health disorders.

Allen said they are thrilled to have Kizito on board and that she has been a great addition to their team. Kizito, who is minoring in Applied Computing, has focused on their data collection and project management assessments. She said she is enjoying the internship, which has been very informative.

“I’m learning more about how I can be one of the people that help to improve the criminal justice system and improve how law enforcement responds to the diverse groups of people in their communities,” said Kizito, who is thinking about a career in cybersecurity either for law enforcement or in the private sector.

For more information: O2SL & QRT National.