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Curry Dining renderings for The Marketplace
July 29, 2022


Student Engagement

This fall and beyond, Curry College will roll out a new dining experience, including marketplace renovations, menu additions, and a next-level delivery service. 

Highlighting the list of improvements is the “All You Care to Eat” dining program, where students, faculty, and staff can re-enter The Marketplace for additional servings from any station with one meal swipe. Instead of swiping or paying on the way out, patrons will use a meal swipe or pay at the door before entering, and once inside, it’s all you care to eat.

The Marketplace is also undergoing substantial renovations that will provide a wide and open space, ideal for the “All You Care to Eat” program, equipped with bright lights and walls that don purple pride. The renovations will be done in phases, and are expected to be complete during the summer of 2023. 

Curry Dining Renderings*Note, the above images are renderings of the renovations, not actual photographs.

Among the new additions to The Marketplace is Sal’s Pizza, a New England-based restaurant best known for its Sicilian-style pies. As part of its new partnership with Sodexo, Sal’s will replace the existing pizza station at The Marketplace. The Curry staff will use Sal’s Pizza ingredients including fresh dough that is delivered daily, replicating the products offered at various Sal’s locations.

Curry Dining is also proud to present “Simple Servings,” a station of fresh, quality foods that are made completely free of major allergens. The station will be housed at the end of the main entrée location.

Lastly, the most unique and futuristic upgrade to Curry Dining Services is the Kiwibot, a robotic delivery network designed for hygiene, safety, and convenience. Starting on August 29th, the Kiwibot will deliver Late Night Bites – plus a newly added 7” Sal’s Pizza - across campus, which students can order through a new app called “Everyday.” The Kiwibots will undergo a 15-day evaluation process after its launch, with the hope to expand the service to the Learning Commons for Starbucks delivery. In a recent partnership struck with Sodexo, the Kiwibot has improved dining services at a variety of local higher ed institutions.

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“At Sodexo, we have always been convinced that the tangible actions and daily interactions drive real improvements to people’s lives, to communities and the planet,” said Director of Dining Services Chris Alger. And with the latest upgrades and additions, Curry dining strives to do just that.

Be on the lookout for more exciting changes upcoming, including food retail concepts and seating area renovations, which are set to begin during the winter break.