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Curry College Magazine Cover Spring 2018

Alumni Journey to the C-Suite

Finding a path to the C-Suite is less like using Google Maps and more like using Waze, with an infinite number of ever-changing and evolving possible routes to the top.

Curry College Magazine Cover Summer 2017

Curry Nursing Turns 40

1977. The year Star Wars debuted in theaters, Elvis gave his final concert, and Tom Brady was born. The first widely available home computers hit the market, the still-primitive internet turned eight, and no one had ever heard of the iPhone. A lot has changed since Curry College absorbed the Boston Children’s Hospital School of Nursing.

Curry College Magazine Cover Spring 2016

Young Alumni Foster Curry Connections

Graduates of the past decade represent more than one-third of the 16,000 Curry College alumni. Read how a new Young Alumni Council is engaging this growing number of graduates.

Curry College Magazine Cover Summer 2015

The Power of Philanthropy

There has been no greater advocate and supporter of Curry College than Dr. John W. Keith, Hon.’15. Read the story of how John W. Keith has become the College’s most beloved benefactor…and it all began with a Riverdance and a little ice cream.

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