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College Magazine names Curry on Top 10 Best Colleges List for Students with Learning Disabilities

PAl students pose outside the Curry College Gertrude M. Webb Learning Center.
March 12, 2018


Academics | Student Success

College Magazine recently named Curry College on its Top 10 Best Colleges List for students with learning disabilities.

The article references that "while 86 percent of colleges enroll students with learning disabilities, only 24 percent of them say they can actually help those students "to a major extent."

Read the excerpt about Curry from the College Magazine article: 

With a student to faculty ration of only 11:1, no student goes without an individual support system tailored to his or her learning style. Those with language-based learning disabilities can turn to Curry's Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) for courses in skills that'll help them in their other classes. These can range from identifying what learning strategies work for them, to more complex skills like how to communicate better and strengthen relationships with those around them. Students in the program meet with their own learning specialist, one of the professors, for 2.5 hours each week. "These faculty members devote careers to the research, theory, and practice of supporting students with learning disabilities and attention deficit," said Laura Vanderberg, Director of PAL. The program also offers workshops and online programs. The program works on the strategies for learning but to also know when strategies will actually help, or when other methods need to be used, Vanderberg said. PAL also offers a summer program for entering freshmen that includes trips to areas around Boston. You get to learn more and explore.

Read the entire College Magazine article, and see the other institutions who made the list:

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