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Curry College Adds Marketing and Computer Science Majors for Fall 2020
May 27, 2020



Further delivering on its vision to offer distinctive, relevant, and rigorous academic programs, Curry College today announced the addition of two new undergraduate degree programs in computer science and marketing.

“We’re excited to add computer science and marketing – both programs will not only widen our undergraduate offerings but will present new interdisciplinary learning opportunities for all of our students studying technology and business,” says Curry College Provost David Szczerbacki. “Curry is committed to adding new career-oriented programs that provide students with the foundational skills needed to excel in today’s evolving and competitive job market.”

The new computer science major will couple the theoretical foundation of the subject with the hands-on applications of software development and information technology. Students majoring in computer science will take foundational courses focused on computer architecture, networking, data structures, and algorithms, followed by specialized courses in topics such as programming, software engineering, and application security. As seniors, computer science majors will also participate in a two-semester project course that will allow students to solve a real business problem for a real-world client.

The new computer science program marks Curry’s third technology major. All three – computer science, information technology, and software development – will be housed in the Department of Applied Technology. As the program grows, the department has plans to expand the curriculum to include other emerging areas in the field, including data science. Job opportunities in information technology, software development, database administration, and security continue to diversify and grow each year. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the computer and information technology field to grow roughly 13 percent by 2026. 

“Today, we have machines that do many of our daily tasks, and tomorrow machines will do even more,” said Applied Computing & Technology Professor Ronald Krawitz. “As future computer scientists, our students have an opportunity to be at the forefront of these exciting advances and build a successful career that can change the way we compute and live.”

The College’s Business department will now also offer marketing as both a major and minor. The new program will provide both a skill-based and theoretical framework in business management with applied practice to specific marketing areas. Traditional courses in advertising, marketing management, and sales management will be integrated with the newest trends in the industry, including marketing analytics, consumer behavior, and digital marketing. With a membership to the American Marketing Association, students will also have access to marketing leaders in the field, among other relevant career resources. Jobs, as marketing managers, marketing research analysts, merchandisers, sales, and brand development professionals, continue to grow in the industry. The field of advertising, publicity, and marketing is projected to grow nearly ten percent by 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

“Adding the marketing major and minor will only further add to the strength and rigor of our Business department by providing students with a degree that marries business acumen with strategic thinking and creativity,” said Dr. Anthony Fabrizio, chair, Business department. “By incorporating principal marketing theory with the most recent industry developments, including digital marketing and data analytics, the new program will help students prepare for a successful career in a growing and dynamic field.”

The expanded list of degree programs is yet one more way Curry continues to deliver on its Strategic Plan. The College recently introduced other new academic programs, including Sport and Recreation ManagementForensic Science, and Graphic Design.