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Curry College Education Graduate Programs are represented by a teacher in an elementary school setting

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Elaine McNeil-Girmai

Meet Professor Elaine McNeil-Girmai

Learning the curriculum is only a small part of the equation that makes an individual an outstanding teacher. It is rather the ability to know the students in front of you and their rich backgrounds that ensures you will be able to provide a setting where all students can listen, question, engage and grow. The ability to meaningfully interact and learn with and from students, families and colleagues is what will prepare teachers to effectively do this to meet the needs of today's classroom. The Curry College graduate degree provides this opportunity in the form of diverse classmates, placements and faculty leads that bring rich experiences, learning opportunities and discussions to the forefront of each and every class!

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Dr. Giordana Basta

Meet Dr. Giordana Basta: Graduate Education Programs

As director of Curry’s Graduate Programs in Education, Dr. Giordana Basta has set in motion a path for her students to understand what equitable education means as they consider careers in the field. With the help of colleagues, Dr. Basta has established a chance for students to earn an M.Ed. in Diverse and Equitable Instruction (DEI) at Curry.