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The Curry College Center for Career Development 4 Year Career Development Model is represented by students in a career-related session

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Your Map to Career Success

The Curry College Center for Career Development Four-Year Model provides a solid foundation in the career development process and equips Curry College students to develop lifelong career-related skills and experiences. 

Your Four Year Plan:

Orientation & Assessment

The Center for Career Development supports first-year students with choosing or changing their career path. Through individual appointments, class presentations, and the Career & Major Exploration course, students receive help mapping their interests to fulfilling career goals.

Suggested Steps:

  • Take the EXP 1001 - Career & Major Exploration course
  • Complete online assessments
  • Begin navigating Curry Connect, Curry's online job and internship database
  • Apply for on-campus positions

Exploration & Development

During students' sophomore year, the Center for Career Development assists them in exploring and preparing for an internship. Through the Introduction to Experiential Learning course, as well as individual appointments, the CCD helps to guide students towards participating in experiential learning activities. Students also begin to use Curry Connect, our online job and internship database, to explore available on- and off-campus internship opportunities.

Suggested Steps:

Gain Experience & Set Goals

Important experiential learning activities occur in a student's junior year, including internships and study abroad. Students who have not yet participated in an internship by junior year are strongly encouraged to begin the process of searching for and exploring internship opportunities. The Center for Career Development fosters opportunities for exploration through the annual Career & Internship Fair and semi-annual intern panels. In addition to internships and study abroad, students in their junior year are also encouraged to explore graduate school opportunities and to develop plans for achieving their educational goals.

Suggested Steps:

  • Continue resume development
  • Apply to internships
  • Research study abroad opportunities
  • Explore graduate school options
  • Participate in a Job Spot

Implementation & Transition

The Center for Career Development works closely with seniors to support them during this time of professional transition. Through individual appointments and the Career Development course, seniors can access important information to help them transition from student to professional. The Center for Career Development also provides opportunities for students to connect with employers through information sessions and on-campus interviews. Several major events are also available to seniors including the annual Career Fair. Alumni continue to receive unlimited career support.

Suggested Steps:

  • Revise and finalize an effective resume
  • Develop LinkedIn profile
  • Attend the Career & Internship Fair and the Career Conference
  • Prepare for interviews and practice interview skills with a mock interview
  • Take the EXP 2800 - Career Development course

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We're excited you're considering our professional resources and services and look forward to helping you reach your career goals. You can also find more resources in the myCurry portal under the 'Center for Career Development' tab.