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A smiling student takes advantage of student services at Curry College

Supporting You is Our Priority

Your job at Curry College is to learn, grow and lean into everything the campus experience has to offer. Our job is equipping you with the tools to make that happen. Whether that means providing a boost in the classroom, a helping hand as you work on your physical and mental wellness or even an always-at-the-ready artificial intelligence chatbot to handle whatever you need to know, Curry’s student support team will set you up for success.

Featured Support:

Ask Alex: The Official A.I. Chatbot of Curry College

Vice President for Student Affairs

First-Generation Student Support

Resources for Pregnant Students

Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

Students hang out at the Westhanver Park stairs

CARES Team: Care, Assess, Respond, Evaluate, & Support

At Curry College, we are committed to supporting our students to success through a comprehensive approach that addresses academic, personal, and professional development. The CARES team is a campus-wide team of appointed members responsible for initiating supportive measures for students who need additional support academically, emotionally, or psychologically, or who present a risk to the health and/or safety of the college or its members.

Explore Our Student Support Services:

Feel Empowered at Curry

To succeed in the classroom, you need to build a solid foundation outside it. See how Curry’s student support services put you in a position to excel.