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Curry College Students Study Abroad in France

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Learn more about Study Away for Curry students by watching the Curry College Study Away 101 presentation:

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Please contact Mireille McLaughlin, Director of Global & Career Services at or 617-333-2967.

Curry College students study abroad in London

Partnerships Abroad

Curry students have the option of two semester-long institutional partnerships with campuses in London, England (Richmond University) and Ambialet, France (via St. Francis University, Pennsylvania).

Curry student abroad in Thailand under a waterfall

Third-Party Providers

Students may choose a study abroad program offered through a third-party provider. Curry students have traveled to Australia, China, Ireland, Italy, Thailand, and many more destinations through these study abroad providers.

Students pose for a picture with a CurryCollege branded sign in Cuba

Short-term Faculty Led Trips

Experience a 2- or 3-week class abroad! Short-term faculty led courses take you out of the classroom and off to destinations like Cuba, China, Ireland, Mexico, and more!

Hollywood Sign

Domestic Study Away

Do you dream about experiencing the glitz and glamour of Hollywood? Want to be in right in the center of the business and media hub of the world? Yearn for an internship in politics or media in our nation's capital?

Curry College Study Abroad students in Cuba watch a man make pottery

FAQ Resources

If you are interested in a study abroad or domestic study away experience, please visit our FAQ page to see types of programs, requirements, appointment and contact information, and more!

First-Hand Experiences

Patrick Bouthillette in Italy

Patrick Bouthillette '21 (Italy)

"Last semester I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and just like everyone else Spring 2020 is not what I expected it to be. Although I was unfortunately sent home from Italy due to Coronavirus I still had the most incredible 5 weeks abroad. I was able to travel to 6 cities, 4 countries and have countless memories from living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I was able to take courses where we would spend the day in Italian food markets, visit vineyards and even travel to Venice. I met some of my closest friends who I still talk to, ate the best panini and even was able to bring home a homemade pasta recipe! Studying abroad was the best experience I could do in college and taught me so much more about myself and how to be more independent! As soon as the world is safe again I recommend booking the first flight to your dream study abroad program!"

Jack Supino '21, Curry College student in Ireland

Jack Supino '21 (Ireland)

“Studying abroad in Ireland was an experience of a lifetime. Not only did I have the opportunity to learn about the rich history of Dublin, in the actual historical places, but I gained so much in my own personal growth too, learning about different people and cultures. The other students in the program were from all over the world and we’ve all made friends for life. I am still in touch with many, and I’m glad I took a step out of my comfort zone to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Shea Mathews '20, Curry College student in Ireland

Shea Mathews '20 (Ireland)

"I've been incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to Study Abroad in four different countries throughout my college career. These experiences have changed me, allowed me to grow as a leader, find my independence, and gain immense self-confidence. While Studying Abroad I was able to complete a Certificate in Irish Cultural Heritage, Minors in Biology, Psychology, and Youth Recreation/Sport, as well as my Major in Public Health. Since going abroad I have truly found myself, as it has allowed me to explore all my passions in life to the fullest and find the direction I was searching for." To learn more about Shea's study abroad experience, watch her video.

Eric Tupua '20, Curry College student in New Zealand

Eric Tupua '20 (New Zealand)

"New Zealand was the trip of a lifetime.  I have a plethora of beautiful friends and experiences that I will never forget."

Dr. Linda Tenofsky, Nursing Professor with students in France

Dr. Linda Tenofsky, Nursing Professor

"Bringing nursing students to France to learn about nursing and healthcare in a different setting is an eye opening experience. Observing hospitals, clinics and home health nurses demonstrated incredible differences from the 'evidence based practice' we espouse in the USA. We found a greater emphasis on caring; particularly with regard to home care for elders. Of course there was ample time to sightsee!!"

Meet Our Staff

Karen Bailey

Karen Bailey

Assistant Director, Graduate Outcomes & Operations

Global & Career Services

Joanne Farley

Joanne Farley

Global and Career Advisor

Global & Career Services

Mireille McLaughlin

Mireille McLaughlin

Director of Global & Career Services

Global & Career Services

Jenna Naughton

Jenna Naughton

Administrative Assistant

Global & Career Services

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