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Curry College Students Abroad in Italy at the Colosseum

Experience a Short-term Class Abroad

Curry College offers short-term faculty-led travel courses, expanding your student's classroom from on campus to around the globe. These programs are created and led by Curry College faculty with the support of the Curry College Center for Global & Career Services.

Upcoming Faculty-led Travel Courses

Global Health in Lisbon, Portugal
HW 2600: Global Health Abroad (3 credits)
March 11-19, 2022 (Spring Break)
Application deadline: October 29
Fees: $3,175

Graphic Design in London, England
FA 2003: Fine Arts Study Abroad (3 credits)
May 23-May 31, 2022
Application deadline: November 19
Fees: $4,100

Health Policy & Finance in Ambialet & Paris, France
NSG 3470: Health Policy and Finance (3 credits)
May 23-June 11, 2022
Application deadline: December 23
Fees: $3,000