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Curry College Students Abroad in Cuba watch a man make pottery

What is Study Away?

Study away encompasses both domestic and foreign academic experiences for credit in which Curry students participate either during the fall or spring semester, summer or January sessions or Spring Break.

What are advantages to Studying Away?

Study away broadens students' views of our increasingly interconnected world and prepares them to think from a global perspective.  Studying away can be life-changing for students as it shows them what they can learn and accomplish in an international setting.  Study away helps students to transition to independence and cultural competence.  It also helps students gain the skills employers want including intercultural skills, curiosity, adaptability, confidence and self-awareness.

What are the requirements?

Students considering study away should have completed at least 24 credits at Curry at the time of study away, have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5, and be in good financial and disciplinary standing with the College at the time of application to the study away program.

What types of Study Away experiences are available to Curry students?

Curry is committed to assisting students in all types of study away experiences, including studying away for full semesters during the academic year, for short-term travel courses during January and summer terms and Spring Break.

Third-Party Provider Programs

Curry works closely with several study abroad third-party provider programs with programs worldwide in a variety of disciplines.

Short-Term Curry Faculty-Led Programs

Each year Curry offers several short-term travel courses led by Curry faculty in a variety of academic areas.  These courses are 1-3 weeks long and are most often planned for Winter Intersession, Spring Break or late May.

Can I get academic credit for study away?

Yes! In collaboration with Study Away Advisors, your Academic Advisors and relevant faculty, students can apply credit earned while studying away to their General Education requirements and in some cases towards their major and minors.

Semester long study abroad satisfies the General Education Requirement (the requirement is waived but students do not receive the 6 academic credits) or the Active Learning requirement (waiver but no academic credit).

An online form is available for students to request approvals for General Education and Major and Minor credit either before, during or after a Study Away experience.

Students participating in Curry partner programs and Curry short-term faculty-led programs receive grades for courses taken on these programs on their transcript.  Students studying on third-party provider programs receive transfer credit without grades for these programs.

How can I afford to study away?

Partner Programs - Tuition and fees are paid directly to Curry and students remain eligible for financial aid.

Third-Party Provider Programs - Students pay all tuition and fees directly to the program provider, students do not pay Curry any fees and are not eligible for Curry financial aid. Students remain eligible for federal and state aid and once they complete a consortium agreement and send an invoice to Student Financial Services, this aid can be released to the study abroad program. Many third-party providers also offer scholarships that Curry students can apply to.

There are several study abroad specific scholarships that Curry students are eligible for.

How can I learn more?

Students interested in study away should begin planning early in their time at Curry and discuss their plans with their academic advisor as early as possible. Students should think about whether they would like to take courses for their major or for General Education credit while studying away and plan their on campus course registrations with these plans in mind.

All interested students should schedule a meeting with the Center for Global & Career Services or email and create an account in VIA TRM where students can find program information and apply to study abroad.

What are the steps to study away?

  1. Create an account in VIA TRM.  You can get personalized program recommendations and submit your application here.
  2. Make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor.
  3. Choose a program.
  4. Apply to a program.
  5. Request Study Away Course pre-approvals. Contact CGCS for details.
  6. Attend all required pre-departure meetings, both those offered by Curry and by your program.
  7. Submit all required enrollment and confirmation forms.
  8. Go Away!