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Curry College Student Abroad in New Zealand

Let us help you create your own adventure.

Students who wish to study in other countries may choose to create their own study abroad opportunity through a third-party provider. The Curry College Center for Global & Career Services works closely with a number of providers that help students negotiate the process of finding, applying to, and studying at international institutions of higher learning. Students who study through this type of arrangement receive academic credit for all of the courses that they take while abroad, provided that they earn a C- or higher. Credit is treated as transfer credit, however, and students do not receive grades if they study abroad through a third-party provider. Thus their study abroad experience will not affect their GPA either positively or negatively.

The third-party providers that work with Curry students have been thoroughly vetted and provide excellent support both during the admissions cycle and on the ground in the study abroad location. Curry's most commonly used third-party providers include:

Interested students should work with a Curry Study Abroad Advisor to navigate the two part application process:

  • Step 1: To Curry College for approval to study abroad
  • Step 2: To the requested host institution for acceptance into their program

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Experiences via Third-Party:

Bryce Hanover

Bryce Hanover '19 (New Zealand via TEAN)

“My semester in New Zealand through TEAN opened up whole new world to me. The culture, environment, and lifestyle there is something that I suggest that everyone experience at least once in their life. You could be studying in a cafe in the morning, skiing down the mountain of Cardona in the afternoon, and then ending the day catching some waves on the beach of St. Clair. But it was the people who make this place so special - everyone, no matter where they were from, was welcome.”

Samantha Stewart and friend

Samantha Stewart '22 (Barcelona via CIS Abroad)

“It's hard to even put in words how much I enjoyed studying abroad in Spain! My time in Barcelona through CIS has changed my life academically and personally. It was such an amazing program - I was able to regularly connect with CIS staff members at meet-up dinners throughout the semester; I gained so much new understanding of other cultures and ideas; and I have the confidence to succeed now because of my experiences abroad.”

Sarah Falcetti

Sarah Falcetti '20 (London via AIFS)

“In addition to my studies at Richmond University, I interned with the UK Film Festival, helping to coordinate and host the event. I worked with filmmakers from all over the world and reaped the benefits of working in a foreign country, including increased confidence and networking skills. I was also able to travel to many places around the UK and Europe that I had only previously seen in textbooks or on television. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

Solanyel Perez and friend

Solanyel Perez '19 (Brazil via USAC)

“My semester abroad in Brazil was filled with warm days, hikes, and lots of sun and sand! It was the life changing experience that I was searching for. The USAC program is located in Florianópolis, a small island with 42 beaches. The staff guided me along the way, I was able to confide in them, and made awesome friendships too. The classes were super interactive, and that dynamic allowed me become fluent in Portuguese in just a few months! This experience will help me in my career because I now have a different perspective of the world - I can connect and build relationships with people of different backgrounds - and being on my own, away from family and friends, made me very independent.”