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Curry College Summer PAL is represented by students completing an outdoor activity

July 11-29, 2022

Kick off your academic experience at Curry College, live in our residence halls and experience a taste of life in the Boston area with our 4-credit, immersive Summer PAL On Campus program.

During this highly-acclaimed summer experience, you will:

  • Establish relationships with Curry College students and faculty
  • Experience living in a residence hall
  • Learn how to negotiate a college campus
  • Discover ways to best use your strengths
  • Learn strategies for managing the demands of college academics
  • Become a self-advocate
  • Explore the unique resources Curry College has to offer

Summer PAL Tuition and Registration

Summer PAL Tuition:

Resident: $4,225
Commuter: $2,250

A non-refundable $200 deposit is due upon registration to Summer PAL.
The deadline to register is June 1.

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Summer PAL Scholarship

A limited number of Summer PAL scholarships are available to qualified applicants.

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Summer PAL Advantages

Get ahead during Summer PAL with the following advantages:

  • Earn 4 credits in the summer that can be applied to your first year at college. This can help if you want to take a reduced course load in the fall and/or spring term(s).
  • Attend Curry College Summer Orientation while you are here - a session will be offered concurrently for Summer PAL students to attend.
  • Make connections with trained PAL Peer Mentors.
  • Develop self-awareness, understanding of individual learning profiles, and the foundations for critical thinking and self-determination with a focus on learning how to learn through technology.
  • Make new friends!

Mobile Learning Kit!

Every student who attends Summer PAL will receive an iPad as part of their SPAL programming. The iPAL tablet initiative provides a uniform and progressive platform for adaptive technology and curricular innovation. Students receive training on adaptive technology features and apps, use their tablets in coursework with their SPAL professor, and design collaborative digital learning spaces. Through customizable, portable, and accessible assistive technology and educational apps, we provide these tools to guide students to access their course content and best work with their strengths and challenges.

NOTE: Summer PAL attendees are required to follow the College’s prevailing COVID-19 policies and protocols. These policies are subject to change given the evolving nature of  the virus and public health standards as well as our commitment to maintaining a healthy campus.

Download the Summer PAL Schedule

PAL 1180 - Summer PAL Course Description  (3 credits)

The Summer PAL on-campus course is an intensive learning experience for entering first year students or transfer students who have been accepted into the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL). Through this immersion style course, students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of themselves as learners within the context of higher education. This understanding is based in PAL’s core learning outcomes: metacognition, self-regulation, active and engaged learning, critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Working with a PAL faculty mentor and a small group of peers, students will construct strength-based strategies for written communication, reading, listening, note-taking, critical thinking, problem-solving, personal goal setting, organization and teamwork.

Activities include: developing an individual learning profile, attending mini-courses taught by Curry professors, experimenting with assistive technologies, and experiencing the rich learning resources of the Curry College community. Student learning culminates with a learning portfolio.

PAL 1008 - Assistive Technology: Reading and Writing Support Tools (1 Credit)

College students are assigned a great deal of reading and writing in college. Both skills are critical to understanding course content. This course provides hands-on practice with assistive technology (AT) applications that will improve access to college-level reading and writing for students with learning challenges. A metacognitive foundation for reading and writing skills is provided through AT for students to become more reliant on their own resources. Course outcomes: students will learn to apply reading apps which will give them better and more efficient access to course-related reading matter and; students will learn to apply writing apps which will give them better access to developing first and final drafts of college-level papers.

Summer PAL Program 2022 Refund Policy

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the refund schedule.

Students who withdraw from the Summer PAL program may be eligible for a refund depending upon the date of withdrawal.  Full refunds will be made only if the student withdraws prior to the beginning of the session. Once purchased, the payment for the Mobile Learning Kit shall not be refunded and remains the personal property of the student. The Mobile Learning Kit includes the following:

  • iPad
  • Smart Cover/Keyboard
  • Charging Cube
  • USB Cord
  • Mobile Device Management System License
  • Apple Pencil
  • Noise-Blocking Ear Buds

Students who officially withdraw within the first 7 days of a course may be eligible for a 50% refund (excluding the cost of the Mobile Learning Kit) only due to verifiable extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student such as medical emergency or family crisis. After the 7th day (July 17, 2022), no refund shall  be awarded under any circumstances. Should a student be suspended from the College, he/she shall not receive a refund and shall remain responsible for the full cost of tuition and fees.


  • All requests for Summer PAL withdrawals must be submitted to the Coordinator of Summer PAL, Dr. Maria Bacigalupo ( and Dr. Janis Peters (
  • The conditions for acceptance of the extenuating circumstances will be decided on by the Director of PAL.

If you enjoy riding a bike and can transport one to the College, we recommend that you do so! Curry is a rather large campus, and with the number of roads and small hills on campus, it can be a great way to get around and also to exercise a bit. Below is the relevant policy from the Student Handbook. Bring a lock!

Bikes, Skateboards, Inline Skates & Hoverboards:
Skateboarding and rollerblading are prohibited in the Student Center Amphitheater, walkways and paved areas surrounding the Student Center. Riding on railings, benches, rocks or other outdoor   elements is not permitted. Whenever possible, students should use bike racks available at various locations on campus.  Bicycles should not be chained to fences, doors, trees or other objects. The use and possession of hoverboards, self-propelled scooters, and similar including use or storage within the residence halls is prohibited.