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Curry College Students Abroad in Cuba watch a man make pottery

What are the advantages to Studying Abroad?

Study abroad broadens students’ views of our increasingly interconnected world and prepares them to think from a global perspective. Studying abroad can be life-changing for students as it shows them what they can learn and accomplish in an international setting. Study abroad helps students to transition to independence and cultural competence. It also makes them attractive to potential employers.

What are the requirements?

Students considering study abroad should have completed at least 24 credits at Curry at the time of study, have a minimum grade point average of 2.5, and be in good financial and disciplinary standing with the College at the time of application to the study abroad program.

What types of Study Abroad experiences are available to Curry students?

Curry College is committed to assisting students in all types of study abroad experiences, including studying abroad for full semesters during the academic year, for shorter term travel courses during January terms and Spring Break, and during summer terms.

  • Curry participates in two institutional partnerships, one in London, England and one in Ambialet, France. 
  • Curry also offers a number of 2-3 week short-term faculty-led travel courses in a variety of academic areas.
  • In addition to Curry study abroad programming, students may also elect to study abroad through a third party provider or choose a study away opportunity in the United States.

How can I find out more about Study Abroad Programs at Curry?

Students who want to study abroad should think about how their study abroad experience will further their academic and career goals. As early as possible, they should begin thinking about whether they’d like to concentrate on their Gen Ed or major courses. They can enroll in Curry’s unique Study Abroad Seminar to help them to decide which University they’d like to attend, and in which country. Students should also inform their academic advisors about their interest in study abroad.

All interested students must meet with a Study Abroad Advisor for help in planning their study abroad experience. Advisor Ned Bradford is located in the Study Abroad Office on the second floor of Levin Library (Levin 202).

Students may also call (617) 333-2108, email or stop up to the office! We look forward to meeting you and helping you to plan your study abroad experience.