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Cybersecurity student on a laptop at Curry CollegeA minor in Cybersecurity is designed to expose students to the technical, theoretical, and practical aspects of the evolving field of cybersecurity. This minor complements careers in criminal justice/law enforcement, information technology, and software development as well as several other major fields.

Course Requirements and Information

Requirements for the Cybersecurity Minor:

AC 2010 Identity Theft 3
CJ/IT/AC 2500 Cybercrime and the Terrorist Threat 3
CJ/IT 2620 Computer Forensics 3
CJ 2697 Terrorism and Homeland Security 3
IT 2212 Cybersecurity Awareness 3
IT 2216 Network Security 3
Total: 15

After earning the minor in cybersecurity students will:

  1. Apply knowledge of cyber security concepts, tools and technologies to computer systems.
  2. Describe cyber security risks, threats and countermeasures and explore cyber defense strategies.
  3. Apply knowledge of cybersecurity concepts, tools and technologies to prevent, detect, react, and recover from cyber-attacks.
  4. Describe cybersecurity risks, threats, and related countermeasures and develop cyber defense strategies.
  5. Examine the potential for technological advancements in creating opportunities for terrorists.
  6. Analyze U.S. policy regarding infrastructure protection and potential terrorist threats.
A student intern stands in front of a local police station

5th Year Master's in Criminal Justice

The 5th Year MACJ program is an "honors" level program for students that are interested in earning both an undergraduate degree in any discipline and a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice. This program is available to all Curry College students, regardless of which bachelor's degree they are working toward earning.

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A student and faculty member Collaborate in the Curry College Forensic Science Lab

Forensic Science Major/Minor

Curry College is pleased to offer students a major and minor in Forensic Science. Forensic Science technicians aid criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing evidence. Many technicians specialize in either crime scene investigation or laboratory analysis.

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An officer speaks to criminal justice students

Criminal Justice Major/Minor

Do you love the law? Want to make a difference by standing up for those who need a voice? Then a criminal justice major or minor may be for you.

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A student and faculty member collaborate in a law class

Law and Society Minor

Students pursuing a minor in Law and Society will be prepared for careers in advocacy, legal research, paralegal studies, and for those who wish to pursue graduate school in law.

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At the heart of Curry College's undergraduate curriculum is our General Education (Gen Ed) Program. Gen Ed is based on our belief in the power and potential of the liberal arts.

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