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Student smiling in class at Curry College pursuing an Individually Initiated Major Degree at Curry CollegeAn individually initiated major (IIM) provides you an opportunity to develop a major that demonstrates a depth of learning and a unique combination of two or more subject areas. With the assistance of faculty advisors, you will design a coherent sequence of studies selected from academic areas or subjects listed in the College Catalog. Such study allows you the freedom to construct a unique major that encourages creative synthesis of inter-relationships across disciplines. Adherence to the steps and deadlines outlined below is critical to timely completion of your degree.

IIM Requirements and Information

Qualifications for the IIM

A student who applies for an IIM should be a highly motivated student of above average academic ability. You should demonstrate a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 over a minimum of 45 credits.

The request for an IIM should originate in conversations between you and your academic advisor. Along with your advisor, you will consider whether or not this curriculum plan makes sense dependent upon your academic goals. You will need to forward an IIM Intent form, with a signature from your advisor, to the Director of Academic Advising.

The IIM request must be submitted to the Director of Academic Advising before completion of 60 credits of undergraduate work. Most often, this would be in the spring semester of your Sophomore year. Transfer students entering with more than 60 academic credits must submit an IIM proposal in the first semester of matriculation at the College. Transfer students may need more than the usual number of semesters to complete the IIM requirements.

You must also submit to the Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) a formal proposal for the IIM, completed on the IIM Curriculum Plan form, not later than the semester following completion of 60 credits. Proposals must be submitted at least one week before the October or February meetings of the UCC.

The IIM should contain at least 45 credits, distributed across two or three academic areas. Each of two areas should be represented with 18-24 credits. If a third area is selected, it should be developed as the equivalent of a minor area of study, with 12 credits of course work beyond the introductory level. Pre-requisite courses will not count toward the IIM.

The IIM must include a minimum of one 3000+ level course from each of the academic areas included in the major. The IIM must also contain an appropriate integrative capstone readings course or independent study to demonstrate that the goals of the curriculum plan have been achieved. Students will be encouraged to include independent education, such as Experiential Education internships and 4000 level independent learning experiences.

It is the responsibility of the Department Chairpersons, faculty advisors and UCC to ensure that the IIM has academic integrity, meets the requirements and expectations of the respective departments, and fulfills the mission objectives of the College.

The IIM Intent and IIM Curriculum Plan forms are available via the Academic Advising Office -

Once you submit your IIM request, the Director of Academic Advising will advise you regarding faculty resources, considering expertise and advising loads of faculty, to provide support and advice on the development of your IIM curriculum plan. Once faculty have agreed to participate in a given IIM, their names will be forwarded, along with the IIM file, to the Chair of the UCC, who will distribute the file to the IIM sub-committee of the UCC. From that point, the administration of the IIM process will be managed by the sub-committee, in consultation with the student and the faculty advisors. Prior to UCC consideration, all elements of the IIM plan must be approved by the chairpersons of the academic departments that are represented in the IIM.

Any changes in the IIM must be submitted by the student and the faculty advisor(s) to the UCC IIM sub-committee for approval. The revised IIM Curriculum Plan form must be submitted by one week before the next UCC meeting. Copies of the UCC approved IIM are forwarded to the Director of Academic Advising and the Registrar.

Highlights in Curry Academics

Curry College and New England Law Boston logos

Curry Partners with New England Law for J.D. Admissions

Curry College has entered into a partnership with New England Law Boston that allows students of any major who meet the preferred admission criteria to enroll in the full or part-time New England Law Juris Doctor (J.D.) program.
A slide from futurist Joe Barkai depicting a couple driving an autonomous vehicle

First-Year Inquiry Explores the Future of Self-Driving Cars from Multiple Perspectives

Imagine a world 20 years from now. Imagine the things that won’t exist anymore. And imagine the new things - things we haven’t even thought of - that will become essential to our being. This was the thought experiment posed to Gen Ed and First-Year Inquiry students as part of the FYI seminar, Earth 2039.
Curry College Board of Trustees Vice Chair Kathryn M. Sardella ’67, M.Ed. ’81, Provost David Szczerbacki, Dr. Stephanie Walker, Zachary Pizzano and Candace Wallace, Class of 2023, Sarah Shane, President Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr.

The Curry College Learning Commons Opens Second Phase

On September 4, 2019, the new Curry College Learning Commons, featuring the state-of-the-art Science and Research Center, opened in its second phase.
Curry College faculty and staff line the walkway to the Student Center, applauding members of the Class of 2023

Convocation Keynote Speaker Encourages Class of 2023 To Step Out of Their Comfort Zones

Embrace feeling uncomfortable. That is when you’ll learn the most about yourself and the world around you.This was the message to the incoming class of 2023 by keynote speaker and alumna Alicia Viscomi Williams ’09 Monday during the 2019 New Student Academic Convocation.
Curry College's Newest Faculty Memebers pose for a group shot

Welcome New Faculty! 2019-2020

The Curry College community welcomes our new faculty members to campus for the 2019-2020 academic year. They are enthusiastic and ready to empower our students to excel, dedicating themselves to success inside and outside the classroom.
Curry College MBA 2019 Milton and Plymouth Cohorts

2019 MBA Capstone Projects Develop Business Strategies for Nonprofits

Just like the private sector, nonprofits rely on a stable revenue stream to accomplish their missions. And we are here to help. That’s the message two area nonprofits received this week from Curry College MBA students as part of the 2019 MBA capstone project presentations.
Massasoit President Dr. Gena Glickman and Curry College President Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr.

Curry College Partners with Massasoit Community College to Offer Bachelor’s Degree Program in Nursing in Brockton

Beginning this fall, Massasoit Community College students who have completed their associate degree in nursing will have the opportunity to earn their bachelor of science in nursing degree through Curry College’s program, now offered at Massasoit’s Brockton campus.
Dr. Laura Vanderberg, Director of the Curry College Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL)

Dr. Laura Vanderberg Attends Apple's Distinguished Educator Institute

Dr. Laura Vanderberg, who was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) for her pioneering work leading the school’s innovative iPAL program, recently attended the ADE Institute for the Americas in Bethesda, Maryland.
Julianne Walsh

Julianne Walsh Publishes Article on Role of a New Faculty in MARN

Assistant Professor of Nursing, Julianne Walsh, has published a new article titled "Role of a New Faculty" in the June 2019 issue of Massachusetts Association Report in Nursing (MARN).

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