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Students review graphs and charts to represent the data analytics minor

The Data Analytics program allows students to enhance their Curry College major by adding data analysis and its application to their particular discipline of study. Data Analytics is an emerging, credentialed skill set that employers today value and is in high demand, benefitting students majoring in Biology, Business, Public Health, Sociology and more.

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Data generation has rapidly increased in recent years, and multiple industries and fields seek to collect data, find patterns, and make predictions using these data. Students minoring in Data Analytics will learn how to design databases to collect relevant data and identify patterns in the data. Students will receive hands-on experience training Machine Learning (ML) models to make predictions by finding patterns in historical data, using a variety of specialized ML software.

Students will learn about structures and skills for data management, use programming to execute data analysis functions, understand the role, function, and limitations of machine learning and business intelligence, and participate in gathering requirements, performing exploratory analyses, and interpreting, applying, and visualizing the results to solve real-world problems. Throughout the program, students will integrate the themes of ethical practices, principles of design, and productive team functioning.

Required Courses:

AC/CS 2020 Database Concepts 3
MIS 2050 Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning
GD/CS 2100 Data Storytelling & Visualization 3
MATH 3200 Mathematical Modeling 3

Choose ONE Elective from the list below:

BIOL 2300 Bioinformatics
BUS 2150 Quantitative Methods
ENVS 2300 Geospatial Analysis
MATH 3130 Operations Research
MRKT 2000 Marketing Analytics
PSY 2050 Research Methods in Psychology
SOC 2600 Methods in Social Research

Upon completion of the Data Analytics Minor, students will be able to:

  1. Use currently available data analytics tools to perform data analysis functions.

  2. Manage and transform data from multiple sources in and out of databases.

  3. Compare the different types of machine learning algorithms and build machine learning models to find patterns in training datasets from a variety of disciplines.

  4. Analyze the problem situation and identify the users’ requirements of a data analytics project, while navigating the moral, ethical, social, and legal issues surrounding data collection and analysis.

  5. Perform exploratory and inferential analyses to recognize and communicate the value and limitations of the models generated in the context of data analysis projects.

  6. Select and implement data analysis strategies to solve real world problems, interpret and apply the results generated, and visually communicate the work to a variety of audiences.

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