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Alexa Hinton '23

Alexa Hinton '23 wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to do with her major in communication when she came to Curry, due to the many concentration options offered in the program. After taking some classes and having the chance to explore those options, Alexa found that a concentration in public relations would best align with her goal to work in corporate communication or human resources after Curry. To strengthen her major, she decided to minor in business administration and marketing.

Finding a job and opportunities to get involved on campus were also important to Alexa. She wanted to be able to make those important friendships and connections but also gain valuable experience through on campus work. With lots of different jobs to choose from, she was able to find things she enjoyed doing while gaining leadership skills along the way.

“Being an RA at Curry has helped me grow my community,” she said. “I am able to balance this while working for the Public Safety office and doing an internship at the Center for Global and Career Services. Every person I’ve met through these experiences has impacted my college journey in a positive way.” 

Outside of academics, jobs and internships, Alexa found that on-campus activities hosted by student activities were a great way to get involved. These activities were also a great way for her to meet new people and have something fun to do in her free time.

“Curry is a great place to make new friends,” she said. “At first I was nervous about meeting people and being far from home. However, I made friends with people my first day here and we are still friends now. There are so many events to go to and meet new people!”

College gave Alexa the opportunity to take the next step in life and to see what she wanted to do next while learning along the way.

“I realized that I am more independent than I thought,” she said. “Coming to college forces you to grow up quickly which is scary. For me, I dove right into the deep end and started to get involved any way I could.”