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The Exercise Science major at Curry College is represented by a student-athlete lifting weights in the Fitness Center

Exercise Science is the study of physical movement, the associated responses and adaptations to exercise. The combination of an aging global population and heightened awareness of the impact bodily health has on lifestyle, longevity, and happiness has created a constant demand for professionals with the unique skill set of exercise scientists.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science will be well-prepared for entry-level careers in fitness, wellness, sports performance, medical fields and/or entrance into graduate-level educational programs such as:

In Massachusetts alone, job growth for Exercise Science field is projected to be nearly 30% by the year 2032.

The Curry Difference

Well-Rounded, Well-Prepared Graduates - Curry College's Exercise Science curriculum was developed to allow students to explore and develop skills for a multitude of career options, creating well-rounded graduates and career flexibility.

Interdisciplinary - Whether pursuing careers in personal training, cardiac rehab, or athletic training, students will rarely work in isolation. As such, the Exercise Science program uniquely emphasizes taking an interdisciplinary approach to movement science.

Hands-on Learning - The Curry Exercise Science program emphasizes hands-on learning for practical application. Students will go beyond traditional classroom learning to practice skills both in the classroom AND through two required internships.

Multi-avenue Exploration - We believe it is important to give students perspective on business, client acquisition and retention, which are common themes within the Exercise Science field, but not often addressed while in college. Therefore, the Exercise Science program at Curry includes courses like 'Marketing and Revenue Streams' with a Sports Management focus.

Global Perspective - Through partnerships with our Center for Global and Career Services, students will be encouraged to experience the health sciences abroad through elective course offerings, providing them a global perspective to a vast field.

Courses You'll Love

Anatomy and Kinesiology
Clinical Exercise Physiology and Prescription
Exercise Testing and Programming for Human Performance
Nutrition for Health and Fitness
Prevention and Care of Sports Injuries

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Academic Programs:

ACCEL Nursing Program (post-graduation)
Coaching Minor
Public Health and Wellness Major
Sport and Recreation Management Major/Minor


American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Student Membership
Compass Club
Fitness/Rec and Intramurals
Pre-Health Elite
Women in STEM

Prerequisites/Corequisites (14 credits):

BIOL 1075: Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 1175: Anatomy and Physiology Lab
BIOL 1185: Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 1185: Anatomy and Physiology Lab
CHEM 1001 + 1002 Chemical Concepts + Lab*
CHEM 1010 + 1110 Introductory Chemistry + Lab*
EXSC XXXX: Foundations in Exercise Science
EXSC XXXX: Nutrition for Health and Fitness

Required Exercise Science (EXSC) Core Courses (36 credits):

Exercise Physiology
Exercise Physiology Lab
Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology
Exercise Testing and Programming for Human Performance
Exercise Testing and Programming for Human Performance Lab
Performance Nutrition in Exercise and Sport
Principles of Strength and Conditioning
Principles of Strength and Conditioning Lab
Prevention and Care of Sports Injuries
Prevention and Care of Sports Injuries Lab
EXSC Internship I
EXSC Internship II
Research Methods in Exercise Science
Clinical Exercise Physiology and Prescription

Requirements in Related Areas (16 credits):

First Aid & CPR – American Red Cross
Physics 2010*
Physics Lab*
Sport and Recreation Marketing + Revenue Streams
Intro to Psychology
Sport Motivation and Performance

*Interested in Physical Therapy or other Graduate Allied Health Programs? Let an advisor know and we can help you plan your customized roadmap to success!

Upon Completion of the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, students will be able to:

  1. Assess, design, and implement individual and group exercise and fitness programs for individuals who are apparently healthy and those with controlled disease
  2. Evaluate health behaviors and risk factors and identify necessary modifications or emergent scenarios.
  3. Understand the role that multiple body systems, lifestyle, and genetics play in development of a holistic approach to health and fitness.
  4. Write appropriate exercise prescriptions with consideration for the individual’s goals, medical history, and current fitness levels.
  5. Utilize skills in motivating individuals to modify negative health habits and stay consistent with positive lifestyle behaviors for health promotion.
  6. Understand various roles and industries that Exercise Science professionals can impact in regards to health promotion and fitness-related activities.
Dr. Courtney James

Professor Courtney James, Exercise Science

Dr. Courtney James is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and has been lecturing for subjects within the health sciences over the past 7 years. Owning her own practice, Dr. James has built her career focusing on healing through guided exercise. Identifying the increasing societal need for more health professionals with the unique skill set of exercise scientists, this program was brought forward to Curry College. Emphasizing learning through practical experience, this program aims to create graduates who are eager to find fulfilling careers helping individuals to improve their wellbeing through health and fitness.

Life-Changing Opportunities Await

Start with a foundation in the liberal arts. Add attentive faculty and countless opportunities to learn by doing. That’s what you’ll get with a bachelor’s degree from Curry. Learn what’s waiting for you today.