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Sigma Theta Tau members

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Sigma Theta Tau: Theta at Large Chapter

Our Chapter began in 1953 when it was chartered as only the seventh Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. A group of nurses attending Boston University set out to establish an organization that would represent the best of what nursing offered in this part of the world. Boston University would stand tall for the ensuing 37 years, as the "institution of record" for our Chapter, until in 1990 when we were re-chartered to include Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts and Simmons College in Boston - thereby establishing our "at-large" distinction.

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Today, we have over 650 active members linked among three unique institutions. Theta at Large has many reasons to be proud as we forge into the new millennium. We are active in supporting local nursing scholars through our ongoing research and academic awards program. Our fall and spring programs offer members an opportunity connect with each other and engage in scholarly educational discourse. We are thrilled to routinely send members to destinations around this country and abroad, to leadership conferences, academic events, member forums and the biennial convention during which representatives from all chapters from around the world gather.

View photos from the 2019 induction ceremony

2019 Inductees:

Noel Aguilar
Lindsay Albert
Arindell Arnold-Penny
Amanda Balicki
Brendan Ballard
Amy Barry
Grant Callanan
Jennifer Capone
Ashley Chandler
Janelle Critch
Derek Cummings
Brittany Dalton
Fredlyne Daphnis
Kendra DaSilva
Steven Dempsey
Matthew DiMatteo
Logan Dobrott
Patricia Donovan
Lalena Etheart
Hilary Gonneville
Jenifer Green
Amanda Hayes
Sherine Henry
Pamala Higuera
Taylor Johnson
DeElla Johnson
Gina Johnson
Laxmi Karki Thapa Magar
Angela Keating
Alyssa Kelly
Jada Kun
Lauren Langlands
Michael Lanphear
Nicole LaPorte

Marina Litvak
Haley MacQueen
Gerta Mallei
Ashley Mallet
Carolyn Martinez
Rischa Mayes
Grace Mbawuike
Darcee McDonald
Olivia Morrill
Kristen Musto
Alexcia Natsis
Katherine O'Connor
Alison Reiling
Kristyn Rice (Calla)
Patricia Rowley
Lisa Russell
Madison Scampini
Martina Scott
Barbara Sheehan
Ian Sim
Shannon Sinclair
Vanzuela Smith
Kelly Smith
Megan Sparks
Victoria Stadolnik
Valerie Sylvester
Tiffany Taylor-Sullivan
Katherine Tenney
Samantha Unger
Gina Vantangoli
Johanne Watts
Stacey Welch
Amber White

Membership Criteria 

  • Satellite campuses and at-large chapters are allowed to invite students in the upper 35% of their class from each campus.
  • RN students in baccalaureate programs may be considered as a separate class when a generic program has an RN track. Therefore, you may invite the upper 35% of the RN class and the upper 35% of the generic class. Prospects from both groups must still meet the minimum 3.0 GPA requirement and have completed one-half of the nursing curriculum. If your RN class is particularly small, you may find it better to include them with the generic BSN class.
  • A class is interpreted to mean the group that is anticipated to graduate together at that same time (i.e. at completion of fall semester, spring semester, summer classes, etc.).
  • If the lowest GPA in the upper 35% of the class is 3.8, for example, only those with GPAs of 3.8 and higher would be eligible.
  • If the lowest GPA of the upper 35% of the class falls below 3.0, only those with a 3.0 and higher can be invited to join.
  • Chapters cannot go back and invite other students who did not fall into the upper 35% of their class if some prospects within the upper 35% of the class decline the membership invitation.
  • Students who attain the same GPA should not be counted as "one" when determining the top 35% of the class. (i.e. if ten students have a 4.0 GPA, each student should be counted as part of the top 35%). However, if there are multiple students holding the "cutoff" GPA, each student should be considered for membership (i.e. if 3.20 is the cutoff GPA, and three students have attained this, each should be invited to membership).

To be considered for membership under the Exception Rule, students:

  • May have a cumulative GPA below 3.0 or a GPA that is below the upper 35%;
  • Shall have a nursing major GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Shall otherwise meet the criteria for membership (1/2 of the nursing curriculum completed, expectation of academic integrity)

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